Brilliant Bears' Home Learning Tasks Friday 15th May 2020

Date: 15th May 2020 @ 8:59am


Friday 15th May 2020

Home Learning Tasks for the Brilliant Bears


Happy Friday Brilliant Bears, I hope you have had a lovely week.




Morning activities


Today I have chosen Wake up, Shake up as we haven’t done it for a while.



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Phonics and Writing


Today, we are going play letter bingo.

We will be using the letters S A T P I M

Grown-ups, before writing the letters on the bingo sheet, please look at the letter chart and discuss the letters. Through-out the activity the children may need direction, it is ok to show them the letters if they have forgotten.















Brilliant bears, make two tables, both with 4 squares in. On the sheet please write any the letters S A T P I M. As you are writing the letter, say them out loud.

Once you have done this, write each of the 6 letters down again, cut them up and put them into a bag.

You will need another team mate to play against with the other board.

Once you have got a team mate, each take turns in taking a letter out the bag, when you have taken it out say it aloud. If you have it on your board cross it out. If you want to play again, you could put a counter over the letter so you can re-use the board.

Who will win the game?


Below I have attached an alphabet mat so that you can see the different letters.






Firefighter Cartoon Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock


Topic (Langley Mill Helpers and Heroes)


Helpers of the week:

How did you find the firefighters fitness test? Do you think you would make a good firefighter?

Can you paint your hands red today and make your prints into a little fire crew. We could send your pictures to Mr Woolgar to put up in the station at Alfreton.


The Montessori Method: Number Names | Learning and Development ...





Today we would like you to practise you leaping and jumping.

Mark a line on the floor, stand with your toes against the line, bend your knees and jump or leap forward as far as you can. Now put a line where your heal landed. Can some one in your house do the same?

Who has jumped furthest?

Can you measure your jump in blocks. Pick blocks that are all the same size and lay them down end to end between your start line and you end mark. How many blocks long was your jump?





Little Bit Funky: make these now! handprint snowman ornament. :)


Funky Fingers


Please place your sugar into a bowl with the letters you cut out from bingo. With a pair of tweezers, pull out each sound and tell a grown-up what it is.






Thank you for this lovely day,

A time to share a time to play.

Thank you for our grown-ups too,

Who care for us the whole day through.




Magical Book Zoom in Animation. Stock Footage Video (100 ...


Story Time


Please download the app Vooks.

This app has lots of free books for you to choose from.


Happy Friday


Miss Statham, Mrs Robinson, Miss Bladon and Mrs Woolgar


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