Brilliant Bears' Home Learning Tasks Friday 1st May 2020

Date: 1st May 2020 @ 7:17am



Friday 1st May 2020

Home Learning Tasks for the Brilliant Bears’


It is the 1st of May already, how time flies! What goal did you set yourself for the new month?

Although it is a new month, the season is still Spring! Can you see any signs of spring outside?





Smiling Sunshine" by mushroomblue | Redbubble


Morning activities


I like to move it, move it, we like to move it, move it.

Can you guess what song we are going to be doing for our morning activity?




Brilliant Bears I thought we could try a new song for May, it might take a little time but I think you will all be super at this rap by the time I see you all. I cannot wait.










Today, I would like you to use your lego!

I would like you to build towers starting with a tower of 1 block and ending with a tower of 10 blocks. When you have built your tower, can you write the number to match?

Grown-ups, your Brilliant Bear might need help to write the numbers. If you could write the number they are struggling with, they could copy over them!

Whilst we are doing this task we must remember careful counting. If you use Peter Pointer and go slow and steady, you will be able to do this!

Here is a picture to help you!






Topic (Langley Mill Helpers and Heros)


Helpers of the week:

The Police and fingerprints


When a robber robs a shop, they leave something behind that helps the police find out who it was. Can you guess what this might be?

It is a fingerprint!

Everybody has a special pattern on their finger that nobody else has.

If you look at yours and your grown-up’s fingers, right at the end, you will see little lines just like the picture below.


The best way to be able to see your fingerprint is by printing them.

First, draw around both of your hands.

Then dip each finger individually into paint. Not too much or you won’t be able to see your unique lines.

Carefully push your finger into the correct place on your drawing to see your fingerprint. You will be able to see that every finger is different.


Why don’t you ask somebody in your house to do one too?

Compare your fingerprint!



funky fingers


Writing and Funky Fingers


Today for writing we are going to write on tin foil!

Write your name on a piece of tin foil.

When you have written your name, use the tin foil to create your initial sound.

Grown-ups if your child is struggling please model actions such a twisting, pulling, scrunching, pinching, squeezing and rolling.


See the source image





Today I thought we could make a sensory bottle.

All you will need is a bottle, water and bits and bobs that you would like to add into your bottle such as glitter, pasta, rice, food colouring, petals or small items you like. 


I have attached some pictures of different ideas to help you!