Brilliant Bears Home Learning Tasks Friday 27th March 2020

Date: 26th Mar 2020 @ 9:26pm

Friday 27th March 2020 


Home Learning Tasks for the ‘Brilliant Bears’ 


Good Morning everyone again. I hope you have had a super week, getting outside in this wonderful sunshine. So... Brilliant Bears, this is the last day of the week for me to send you your daily activities. I really hope your grown-ups have enjoyed doing them with you. Remember you and your grown-ups can blog the Nursey team, we would love to know how you're getting on with the activities.  


          Morning activity 

Let’s finish off this week with my favourite song “Head, shoulders, knees and toes”. We love doing this song in so many different ways in the nursery. Can you do our favourite - missing out the body part names. See if your grown-up can miss out the words when they sing it with you. Take turns to sing and miss out a body part name. Then can you miss out all the body part names? Who’s going to be the best? 

 “Head, ??, Knees and toes” 

If you need help click on the link below and Mr Tumble will help you. 



Remember I told you this yesterday- rhyming words always have the same ending.  

Can you look at the pictures in my table and tell your grown-up what they are? Can you see which one doesn’t rhyme? Can you think of anymore words that rhyme with the ones in the pictures?  

Can you and your grown-up think of a rhyming word for the odd one out to?  




In nursery we have been learning to count all the way up to 20. Can you show your grown-ups how you count to 20? See if you can count even further. Let us know how far you can count.  

Now ask your grown-ups to give you a number and see if you can you draw caterpillars and write the matching numeral? Trace over your grown-up's numbers if you can’t quite do it yourself. Who can draw the most caterpillars and write the biggest numeral? Can you draw a butterfly with 5 spots on each wing? Can you fit 10 on each wing and count how many do you have altogether? Ask your grown-ups to give you different numbers.  

Now you have done your number task finish with a wiggle to our number song.  


Topic (Wake Up and Grow) 

Guess what grown-ups?  The Brilliant Bears’ have gained some new tiny pets!  


BUT DON’T WORRY... I have got the tiny caterpillars at home with me, I am taking very good care of them and watching them grow and change every day. I wish you could see them to. Can you remember how we talked about caterpillars and what happens to them? Can you tell your grown-up what happens?   

Can you draw or paint a picture of what happens to the caterpillars? 


WritingImage result for pencil 

Don’t forget to trace over your name daily.  We’d love you all to be able to write this when we get back to nursery.  Once you can trace all your letters correctly, try to copy it onto some paper using different coloured. Can you do it in the garden with some chalk and a paint brush and water?  We would love to see pictures of you writing your name and remember to write all those letters the correct way!