Brilliant Bears' Home Learning Tasks Friday 3rd April 2020  

Date: 1st Apr 2020 @ 3:51pm

Friday 3rd April 2020   

Home Learning Tasks for the Brilliant Bears’ 


Happy Friday Brilliant Bears, it is officially the last day of term! I can imagine you are all ready for a bit of a rest as you have worked super hard this term! And the same for mummies and daddies that have been working hard whether it has been teaching you or been out working! 


Morning activities 

Today can you help make your own breakfast?  This could be anything from pouring your milk on to your cereal or spreading your toast! 

Join in with the daily PE lesson with Joe Wicks. When you are doing the exercises talk about what happens to your body. 

This morning’s activity is ‘Chuchuwa’. At Nursery we love this dance! Today, see if the whole family can join in. Maybe you could show them the different actions of the dance? 



In the Brilliant Bears, we love singing songs about letters and sounds.  This is a song you all know really well so sing along and help your grown-up to join in too.  What letter does your name begin with?  Can you find other items in your house that begin with each of the letters? We sing this song everyday in Nursery, it helps us to remember our own and other peoples initial (first) sound. 

Play the ‘Sound Starter’ game on the Phonics Play website. Encourage your child to listen to the sounds and guess the sounds! 



Todays shape video is different to yesterdays, it will have lots of different shapes. We have talked about these shapes at Nursery. See if you can remember any of them. 

Once you have watched the video, talk about the four new shapes?  

This is the star

File:Gold Star.svg - Wikimedia Commons

How many points does it have? 

How many sides? 

The next shapes are ‘Oval’ and 'Circle'      

Which is the circle?   Which is the oval? 

An oval has 1 continuous side, just like a circle, but what is different about them? 


Topic (Wake Up and Grow) 

Mini-beast Hunt /Bird Watching: 

With somebody is your house, discuss what animals might live outside. 

Once you have done this, go on a mini beast-hunt or/and bird watching. What do you think you might find?  Can you find a mini beast with 6 legs?  Can you find a mini beast with 8 legs?  How many birds can you count? Are the animals different colours? Do they all have feathers? 

Could you take photos of what you find outside and send them to me? I’d love to see you having fun in the garden and the different mini-beasts and birds you found.  



Don’t forget to trace over your name daily.  We’d love you all to be able to write this when we get back to nursery.  Our name is a very important part of who we are.  Can your grown up show you how to write their names?  Do you have any of the same letters in them.  You could try writing them too.   

Listen and sing to Nursery Rhymes. Click the link below to listen to the ones we use in nursery.


           Kids Yoga 2 by Hanna Yemi on Dribbble Yoga Kids Yoga 2 by Hanna Yemi on Dribbble

Today Yoga is about ‘Arnold the Ant’. I thought this fit in perfectly with your mini-best hunting! Enjoy! 

Free Clipart: Cartoon Ant Art | vectorsme 


We are missing you so much, so stay safe and keep you minds and bodies healthy.

Be kind to each other and fill each others buckets everyday like we do in nursery. 

Piccola, Stephanie / Bucket Fillers

Sending you all lots of love and big bear hugs for the Easter Holidays 

Big Bear Hug Clipart

love from 

Miss Statham and the Nursery Team 



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