Brilliant Bears' Home Learning Tasks Monday 4th May 2020

Date: 4th May 2020 @ 8:22am


Monday 4th May 2020

Home Learning Tasks for the Brilliant Bears


Happy Monday Brilliant Bears. This week we are going to be learning about something very special that happened a long time ago. I hope you’re ready to celebrate.


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Morning activities

I am sure you have heard all about Captain Tom Moore, he was an officer in the Army. He recently turned 100 years-old and had planned to walk 100 laps of his back garden to help raise money for the NHS workers, so that they can have the right clothing to work in. However, when the fundraising continued so did Captain Tom. How amazing is that?

How old are you? Can you walk that many laps around your garden? Maybe you could set up an obstacle trail.



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 Can you time yourselves? Who is the fastest?  You or your grown-up?


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Before we start mathematics today, carefully count to 5 on your fingers.

Copy cat

Once you have done this, stand everybody in your house in a line like soldiers.

The soldiers must copy every action you make.

Can you clap 5 times? Make sure you say your numbers out loud as you do it and clap once for each number.

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Can you stomp 4 times? Again saying the number out loud for each stomp.

What other actions can your family copy? Can you swap positions so that you copy somebody else?




Topic (Langley Mill Helpers and Heros)


VE Day – Victory in Europe Day


This week we are going to learn all about VE Day. VE Day marks the end of World War 2 for United Kingdom. This meant that people stopped fighting and soldiers came home to their families.

The soldiers helped to keep our country safe. Soldiers continue to do this now!


The War ended on the 7th May and VE Day is celebrated on the 8th May. It is something we call a Bank Holiday, meaning everybody gets to celebrate. This week we are going to prepare for a celebration on Friday, that you can have with your family at home.

How are the people celebrating in the picture above?







Writing and Phonics


Did you like our new phonics rap?

I know it is a little bit tricky, but remember Brilliant Bears, practise makes perfect!


For a party, there are lots of things you will need.

Party food, decorations and accessories.


Can you write a list of different things you might need?

Grown-ups, please help your child by segmenting the word they want to write. For example, hat, h-a-t, can you hear the sounds?

Please also remember, they may only mark make and this is ok!

If your child wants to try writing simple words this letter mat might help them.




funky fingers

Funky Fingers


Today you will need a colander and dry spaghetti.

Can you post it through the holes?



How many can you fit in one hole?

How quickly can you put a piece in every hole?

Grown-ups these tasks are aimed at improving your child’s dexterity and co-ordination. Feel free to substitute spaghetti for another material if it is available, ribbons or pipe cleaners maybe.