Brilliant Bears' Home Learning Tasks Monday 8th June 2020

Date: 8th Jun 2020 @ 7:46am


Monday 8th June 2020

Home Learning Tasks for the Brilliant Bears


Happy Monday Brilliant Bears. What has happened to our weather? There has definitely been a change since last week. What animal will be enjoying the weather this week do you think?


The Makaton Charity: Home page

Morning Makaton


Signs of the week:

Please and Thank you

This week I have put two signs on! They are both very similar; can you remember which is the short sign and which is the long sign?


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Morning activities

I have attached one of our favourites from Nursery today, The ‘chuchuwa’.


Fairytale Book Vector - Download Free Vectors, Clipart Graphics ...


Story Time

The lighthouse keeper’s lunch

This week we are going to read the story ‘The lighthouse keeper’s lunch’. I have attached the video of the story below.

After you have read the story, with a grown-up discuss:

What is a lighthouse?

Why did the seagulls keep stealing the lighthouse keeper’s lunch?

How do you think the lighthouse keeper felt when they kept stealing his lunch?

What happened when the lighthouse keeper’s wife made the sandwiches taste different?

What was your favourite part of the story?

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Topic: Sun, Fun and Splash!


When you saw the lighthouse keeper’s lunch, did you think it looked like a nice healthy lunch? Would you have eaten it?

Today, we are going to talk all about healthy eating and a balanced diet. Below I have attached a picture of a balanced diet plate. The plate shows us a healthy and balanced diet.



What is in each section of the picture? Which parts are the biggest? What does it mean if that section is big?

Did you know you should eat 5 fruit or veg a day! Do you eat your 5 a day?

Which parts of the plate do you enjoy the most?

Which is your least favourite?

CHOCOLATE!! OH NO!! That is Miss Statham’s favourite. Do you think I should eat all of this?