Brilliant Bears' Home Learning Tasks Tuesday 12th May 2020

Date: 12th May 2020 @ 8:55am






Tuesday 12th May 2020

Home Learning Tasks for the Brilliant Bears


If it was Monday yesterday, what day is it today?

It’s Tuesday!



Morning activities

I can imagine you are just starting to get the new Zumba, so I will leave it on again.


I have attached a shake your sillies out for you all in case you wanted to do something different.


Watch Alphabet, Phonics, & More Kids Songs! by English Tree TV ...


Hope you enjoying the new song.

Today I have put a game called Fishy Phonics. It might be tricky so you will need a grown-up to help you.

Grown-ups if you could segment the word in the cloud. For example pet you would say p-e-t.


The Montessori Method: Number Names | Learning and Development ...


For mathematics today we going to be drawing flowers!

The first thing you must do it pick a number between 1-5.

When you have picked this number you will need to have a really good try at writing it. Grown-ups, you might need to help with this!

Once you have drawn the number, you will need to draw the same amount of flowers to match.

Just like the one below

Repeat the activity until your Brilliant Bear has created 2 drawings.

If you are feeling super clever today, why not try a number between 5-10.


Inserting image...

Topic: Langley Mill Helpers and Heroes

Helpers of the week:


One important job that firefighters have to do, is to put out fires.

There are lots of fire safety rules that firefighters ask us all to follow to help us stay safe.

I have attached an episode from BabyBus that will help you learn some of the important rules we must know.

Discuss the video with your grown-up? How do firefighters help keep us safe?


pencil animation - invazi


Today, I would like you to write outside!

I would like you to find a big stone, with the stone I would like you to write your name on the floor as big as you can.

Can you write any other letters you know?

Can you make big swirls and zigzags?

We have to think about this though Brilliant Bears, do you think the stone will work if we press it on the grass? Or do you think we need to write in on the concrete?


Little Bit Funky: make these now! handprint snowman ornament. :)

Funky Fingers

Follow the video to get your fingers busy.



Choose yoga pose and see how long you can hold it for?

Can you teach it to somebody in your house?