Brilliant Bears' Home Learning Tasks Tuesday 14th July 2020

Date: 14th Jul 2020 @ 8:04am

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Tuesday 14th July 2020

Home Learning Tasks for the Brilliant Bears


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Happy Tuesday Brilliant Bears, the last week of Nursery isn’t the same without you all here. Although, today is a good day because I get to see you all when you come to get your reports! I can’t wait <3


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Topic: Summer reading challenge


Non-fiction Day!

What is non-fiction? With a grown-up talk about what you think non-fiction might mean.

Non-fiction is when a fact is written down. That means it is telling you information about something real.


I have attached a video with lots of facts on.


Today, I’d like you to watch the video and choose your favourite animal. Once you have chosen your favourite animal, can you remember the fact about it?

Video yourself and tell me your chosen animal and the fact!


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Today, I have attached an easy-to-make play dough recipe. Can you help your grown-up count and measure the correct amount?

You could even make more than one colour of play dough!


Once you have made your play dough, how many balls can you make out of it?

Can you make a big ball, a medium ball and a small ball?

Can you make a big sausage, a medium sausage, and a small sausage?

Can you put them in the correct size order?




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For phonics today, I would like you to go on a nice walk.

Before you go on your walk, talk about some of the different sounds you think you might hear and write them down.

Once you are out on your walk, tick off the different sounds you hear. If you have heard some new ones, you could write them onto your list too! You could do this on your way to school when you come and get your reports!

Grown-ups, please ensure that you discuss the sounds as you hear them.

Are they loud? Are they quiet? Are they high/low?

Can your child repeat the noise?

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