Brilliant Bears' Home Learning Tasks Tuesday 19th May 2020

Date: 19th May 2020 @ 7:19am


Tuesday 19th May 2020

Home Learning Tasks for the Brilliant Bears


Tuesday today, what is the weather like out of your window?


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Morning activities


Today we are going to do the freeze and stop dance.









Topic (Langley Mill Helpers and Heroes)


Helpers of the day:

Postmen and postwomen


Watch Alphabet, Phonics, & More Kids Songs! by English Tree TV ...  pencil animation - invazi

Little Bit Funky: make these now! handprint snowman ornament. :)

Phonics, Writing and Funky Fingers


Phonics song for today.


Our Helpers of the day today are delivery people. This includes people who deliver the post. What do we call the people who deliver our post?


At the moment we cannot see all of our family, which is a little bit sad. So today, we are going to make and write a card for somebody you are not isolating with and post it to them.

Here is a card I thought was perfect:


Once you have decorated your card. You need to write inside.


The first thing you will need to write in your card is the name of the person you are sending it to.

What might you want to say to them?

And don’t forget to sign at the bottom with your name, so they know it is you that has sent the card.

Once it is finished, all you need to do is ask a grown-up to write the address on the envelope, place the card in envelope, stick a stamp on the front and post it.

Grown-ups, your child may need lots of help with this.

It is ok to help them, and it is ok if they only mark make.

Please encourage your child to try to segment the words verbally, or hear you segment the words so that they can hear the sounds in the words. For example, m-i-ss, what sounds do you hear in m-i-ss?

I have left a letter mat below to help you.








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Shape song


Today’s mathematics is going to be a brain teaser.

You will be guessing different shaped gifts by the clues that I give you. You will need your listening ears on for this one and your careful counting fingers at the ready!



Shape number 1:

Clue: This shape has 3 straight sides.

Clue 2: It also has 3 points.

Can you guess what it is?



Shape number 2:

Clue 1: This shape has 4 straight sides.

Which could this one be? Could it be more than one shape? Why?

Clue 2: All 4 sides are the same size.

Did you clue number 2 help? Which shape must it be?



Shape number 3:

Clue 1: This shape has 5 sides.

Clue 2: It has 5 points too.

Did you find which one it was? You might not know the name for this one. It is called a pentagon.

Now you have done the 3 I have set, could you test somebody else by telling them the properties of a shape?