Brilliant Bears' Home Learning Tasks Tuesday 21st April 2020

Date: 21st Apr 2020 @ 8:03am

Tuesday 21st April 2020

Home Learning Tasks for the Brilliant Bears’

Morning Nursery! It's our first Tuesday back and I know you’re already working hard! Did you talk about the different people that helped you yesterday? Today, we should thank our grown-ups for always helping us! Can you say 'thank you' for one thing that they do to help you?

Morning activities

This morning I have attached an action song. You must listen really closely as there is no video to go with it!

Clap your hands, everyone together …


Did you all find lots of things in your house beginning with ‘s’ yesterday?

Well today I want you to do the same but with a different letter and this time let's turn it into a game! For every item you find in your house beginning with ‘t’ you get a point! I wonder how many points you will get? Once you have finished ‘t’.  How many items can you find in your house beginning with ‘p’? How many points will you get this time? Once you have finished add them all up!  How many did you get all together?


Warm up your brain by joining in with Jack Hartmann and count to 10!

Which way of counting to 10 do you like best? I like the soldier!

Today we are going to be counting to ten in lots of different ways!

First, can you show somebody in your house how to count to 10 on your fingers? Remember, it isn’t a race, careful counting is the best way to count! Next, can you show somebody in your house 10 jumps? Remember, one jump for one number! What other moves can you count?

Grown-ups please take lots of pictures and send them to the BB email and show us what other moves you created!

Topic: 'Langley Mill Helpers and Heroes'

Did you work out the different helpers yesterday? There are so many helpers in our community, can you think of anymore?

Our helpers we are thinking most about this week are our amazing 

Doctors and Nurses.

I thought this would fit perfectly with everything that is happening at the moment. Although we are not at school, there are lots of doctors and nurses working really really hard to look after all the poorly people. They are helping them to get better and protecting everyone, so that when the time is right we can all come back to school safely.

Doctors and nurses have very important jobs. When we are sick, they look after us!  One place  they look after us is in a hospital! Have you ever been to a hospital?  With a grown-up look at the pictures and talk about the jobs that doctors and nurses do.  What do you think is important about their jobs?

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