Brilliant Bears' Home Learning Tasks Tuesday 31st March 2020   

Date: 30th Mar 2020 @ 8:17pm

Tuesday 31st March 2020   

Home Learning Tasks for the Brilliant Bears’ 


Hello Brilliant Bears! Hope you are all ok. 

It is Tuesday already, and guess what? 

 Spring really is here!  Although it's a bit chilly out there I can you hear the birds tweeting and see the blossom growing on the trees? What can you see and hear?

Today is the last day of March; do you know what month comes next? 


Morning activities 

I know on Friday you worked really hard to get yourself dressed, can you do it again today? 

Join in with the daily PE lesson with Joe Wicks. When you are doing the exercises talk about what happens to your body. 

Tree Fu Tom has a spell for you today, see if you can join in with all the moves! 

Tree fu Tom super lifto spell: 



In the Brilliant Bears, we love singing songs about letters and sounds.  This is a song you all know really well so sing along and help your grown-up to join in too.  What letter does your name begin with?  Can you find other items in your house that begin with each of the letters? 

We sing this song everyday in Nursery, it helps us to remember our own and other peoples initial (first) sound.  

Today, find a game on Phonics Play from the Phase 1 section of your choice.

Ask a grown up to help you if you are stuck! 



Please join in with Dream English kids and count to 20. There are lots of different moves, see if you can do them all to the beat. 

Today is going to be environmental Mathematics! 

With a grown up can you count how many buttons are on your TV remote? What numerals can you see on there? Can you have a go at writing some? Maybe a grown will need to help you with this by writing them for you to copy.  

You could write them on the back on your name card with your whiteboard pen. 


Topic (Wake Up and Grow) 

Today with your grown-ups can you talk about why are eggs so important at Easter? Discuss together -

The hard shell of the  egg represents the sealed Tomb of Jesus.

Cracking the shell represents Jesus' being given a second life. 

And eggs represent new life. 

Grown-ups can you discuss what the words represents and tomb mean? You could discuss and explain this as you watch The Easter Story together.

Click to watch the video of The Easter Story 

Inside your home learning pack there is an egg for you to colour in, whilst colouring the egg, can you tell a grown up the different colours you have used. Can you carefully keep inside the lines? 

Please send me photos of your fantastic work! 


Don’t forget to trace over your name daily.  We’d love you all to be able to write this when we get back to nursery.  Our name is a very important part of who we are.  Can your grown up show you how to write their names?  Do you have any of the same letters in them.  You could try writing them too.   


Funky Fingers 

Can you make the first letter of your name with your play dough? Can you make any other letters? 



Cosmic Kids Yoga Disco and  Bunny Bounce! 

Can you join in with the bunny bounce? 


Story Time 

Today, make sure you find time to read a family story. When you have finished, talk about your favourite part! 


I hope you enjoyed all the activtiies today. 

Well done for completing all the activities, now go and have some fun in the garden. 

Keep working those brains and bodies. Stay safe and happy everyone!  

Love from 

Miss Statham and the nursery team x 

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