Brilliant Bears' Home Learning Tasks Tuesday 5th May 2020

Date: 5th May 2020 @ 8:29am

Tuesday 5th May 2020

Home Learning Tasks for the Brilliant Bears


Morning Brilliant Bears. I hope you enjoyed starting to prepare for your party on Friday!


Morning activities

Did you manage to walk around your garden? Thumbs up from Captain Tom!

I have attached a dance for you to learn today. It is to the song ‘Celebrate’. Have fun!




Lets start out maths time with a little song today.

Did you manage to count 5 on your fingers yesterday? Can you count one more than 5 today?

One more than 5 is…?

Once you have done this, I would like you to go and find me 6 objects. This could be your teddies, cars, bricks or even books.

Make sure you put them in a straight line and carefully count them, making sure you have 6.  

Once you have found and counted your 6 objects, can you air write the number 6?

air writing


Topic: Langley Mill Helpers and Heroes

VE Day – Victory in Europe Day

Flags - The Union Jack

In lots of pictures from VE Day, people are holding flags. These flags have something called the Union Jack on.

The Union Jack flag is made up of 3 countries flags, England, Scotland and Ireland. This flag was held up on VE Day by soldiers from all over the United Kingdom that fought together.

Do you know which flag is for which country?


Here is a picture of them all together, this is known as the Union Jack.


Arts and Crafts:

Can you make some bunting with the Union Jack on to decorate your house ready for the party?

What shape will you use?



Writing and Phonics

How is your phonics rap going?

Keep practising Bears!

Today, write the name of the people you live with on individual strips and decorate them for the table, ready for the party on Friday.

Gown-ups your child may need help with this, you could write names down for them to copy or if it seems more appropriate you can write the names for them.

Please also remember, your child may only mark make and this is ok!


funky fingers

Funky Fingers

For funky fingers today I would like you to make a bracelet using pasta and string. Can you paint or colour them the same colour as the Union Jack?

You could make one for each family member to have for the party!


union jack



 I have attached some calming Disney music. Find a comfortable space to lie down and close your eyes.

Think about a happy place that you would like to be, and the people you would like to be with.

When you have finished, sit up and take a deep breath.



Story Time

Ask a grown-up if they could tell you a story about themselves.

See if you find out anything new about them.


Stay safe


Miss Statham and the team


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