Brilliant Bears' Home Learning Tasks Wednesday 13th May 2020

Date: 13th May 2020 @ 10:54am

Wednesday 13th May 2020 

Home Learning Tasks for the Brilliant Bears  

We are halfway through our week already and almost halfway through the month of May! 

Time is flying now, and I am really enjoying seeing all your lovely pictures. You are all growing so much. 


Morning activities 

I just know you’re going to love our Zumba today! 



Today on the phonics song I spotted a rainbow on the r! 

Simon says 

Today, play Simon says. 

Grown-ups, can you please be Simon first? When you say “Simon says touch your _____” please segment the word that you would like them to touch.  For example, toes would t-oe-s and head would be h-ea-d. Please give your child time to blend the words together. This is a really important skill as they learn to blend the sounds together.



Topic: Langley Mill Helpers and Heroes 

Helpers of the week: 


Today I have a special treat for you Brilliant Bears. 

Mr Woolgar is Mrs Wooglar’s husband and he's a firefighter! 

Mr Woolgar has sent us this video of his crew at work. 


Did you enjoy watching Mr Woolgar’s crew? The firefighters work hard every day. It is very important they stay safe themselves whilst helping the people in the community  




Today, you are going to make your own super soaker. 

You will need: 

A plastic bottle (and lid) 

Something to make targets. 

First thing you need to do is make the targets! 

These could be made from anything. I have attached some pictures to help you decide!  

On your targets write or draw numbers.


To make your super soaker, you will need to put a whole in the lid of your bottle. Grown-ups, if you could help with this bit as it may be tricky. 

Then, fill up with water and it will look like this: 


Once you have done this, hang up your targets and shoot them down. When you shoot them down, write down the numbers you hit. Once you have finished can you add them all up!  

Let your grown up have a go and see who can get the most points.