Brilliant Bears' Home Learning Tasks Wednesday 29th April 2020

Date: 29th Apr 2020 @ 7:20am

Wednesday 29th April 2020

Home Learning Tasks for the Brilliant Bears


Good morning Brilliant Bears! Hope you are feeling ready for another fun day packed full of activities. 


Morning activities

A new morning activity today!

I think you will like this one, see if you can join in with all of the actions with Jack Hartmann!



In the Brilliant Bears, we love singing songs about letters and sounds.  This is a song you all know really well so sing along and help your grown-up to join in too.

Now click on the link below to go to Phonics Play and choose any Phase 1 games.




Today, you will need a team mate, a big basket and 10 items that you can throw into the basket. This could be teddy bears or balls.What items will you choose to use? Remember, your items need to be  the right size for the basket, if they are too big they might not fit in!

 Baby Basketball | Play and Learn Activities from Fisher Price

If you don’t have a basket, that is ok, use any object in your home to throw your items into. For example, a bucket, hoop or a big bowl. 

The aim of the game is to get as many of your items into the basket as you can! Once you have done this, count how many items you got into the basket. After your turn, let your teammate have their turn. 

How many items did they get in?

Who got the most in the basket?

Who got less in the basket?

How many items went into the basket altogether?


Topic: Langley Mill Helpers and Heroes

Helpers of the week: The Police

Watch the attached video all about police officers!

Talk about how the police officer helped to find Blue? Why is it important for the police car to be checked and working correctly?

Police Car For Kids | Gecko's Real Vehicles | Police Videos For ...



funky fingers

Funky fingers

For funky fingers today and if it's stopped raining, can you help your grown-up hang the washing out by squeezing the pegs open?

If there is no washing to be done, can you add some pegs around the edge of a plate? Count them as you go. How many can you fit on? How many times can you put them on and take them off in 2 minutes.

Grown-up's can you try too?  Who is the fastest?

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Pin on Jóga


I have chosen the butterfly yoga day!

I know you will love it, see if you can guess the different stages of the lifecycle!


US Army MWR :: View Event :: Story Time

Story Time

Please listen to our story of the week.


Have a great day Brilliant Bears.

We miss you very much.

Miss Statham, Mrs Robinson and Miss Bladon


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