Brilliant Bears' Home Learning Tasks Wednesday 6th May 2020

Date: 6th May 2020 @ 8:13am


Wednesday 6th May 2020

Home Learning Tasks for the Brilliant Bears


Good morning, I hope you are keep well.

Half way through the week already Brilliant Bears.


Morning activities

I have left the dance on from yesterday, could your family dance with you today?



I think we can change this at the end of the week, but I would love some videos or pictures of your rapping before then.

Stupid Kids Rap Battle - YouTube

‘What’s in the bag?’ is our activity today.

Grown-ups, if you could find a bag and add 5 items into it.

Hold one item at a time but do not let the child see.

Sound out the word to them. For example, “I have a d-o-g, what do I have?”

When they get it right, they can then add the item to their pile.

Please use 1 syllable items such as dog, cat, egg, cow, pig, bear, peg. Grown-ups this is a new skill for some children, here is a video to help.


union jack soldier

Topic: Langley Mill Helpers and Heroes 

In the war, people used rations to get their food.

They would come in a book and you would take them to the shop and collect a small amount of food for the week.

Talk to your grown-ups about why food was rationed in the war.

This is what they would look like.

A little bit like stamps from the post office!

What could you get with rations?

The picture below is what families would get for their rations to feed them for the whole week!

What different items can you see on the picture?

Do you think that would be enough to feed your family for a week? They would probably have to grow their own food too. What food can we grow in our gardens?





For mathematics today, I would like you to make your own rations and use them to get your dinner, snacks and tea.

I would also like you to play shop keepers. Make sure you remember to ask for the write amount of rations.

You will need to cut up 10 pieces of paper, and colour them in.

In your shop you could label different items. For example, an orange could be 3 ration tokens.

Grown-ups please could you ask them for an amount of rations, when getting their dinner, snacks or tea?


What is Funky Fingers? Pre-writing activities to get you started:

Make a paper aeroplane and fly it?

How far will it fly?

Can you show a grown-up how to make one and see who’s goes the furthest?

Here is a video to help you!




Today I would like you to copy the picture below with your own name. You can use any toys, blocks, cars or pencils. Maybe a different toy for each letter?

Grown-ups here is a useful song for tidying up



I have attached a GoNoodle yoga video for today. I hope you enjoy.