Brilliant Bears' Home Learning Tasks Monday 30th March 2020

Date: 29th Mar 2020 @ 6:02pm


Monday 30th March 2020   

Home Learning Tasks for the Brilliant Bears’ 


‘Good morning Brilliant Bears’  

Did you see the snow over the weekend?  

What happened to the sunshine? I think I saw it a few times peeping from behind the clouds. I hope you still managed to get outside for some fresh air.  

Did your grown-ups remember to change the clocks this weekend? 


I hope you and your grown-ups work hard today, keeping your brain and body healthy and remember have lots fun to.   

So Brilliant Bears look below for today's activities. 

Enjoy your activities and we'll see you all tomorrow.  


Morning activities 

Join in with our daily PE lesson with Joe Wicks. We want you to stay active as much as possible.  This is good for your mind, body and soul.  Get your day off to a great start with

Move it, Move it Zumba’. 

Follow the link to get going!   



In the Brilliant Bears, we love singing songs about letters and sounds.  This is a song you all know well, so sing along and help your grown-up to join in too.  What letter does your name begin with?  Can you find other items in your house that begin with each of the letters? 



Last week we were learning how to rhyme words. Remembering that the ending of each word had to sound the same.  

 Today we will be singing Nursery rhymes that have rhyming words.  

In nursery we have been learning to sing these nursey rhymes 

‘Hickory Dickory Dock’ and ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ 

.               Can you think of any other nursery rhymes and sing them together? Can you add some actions to help you remember them?  

Parents/Carers: Please make sure you exaggerate on the rhyming words so that they are clear for the children to hear. 



To warm your number brain up can you join in with Jack and count to 20.

There are lots of different moves, see if you can do them all to the beat. See if your grown-ups can keep too the beat to. Can you count further than 20.

Take turns with your grown-ups to pass on the number, see how high you can get. Remember you must go back to 0 if anyone gets it wrong !

Can you also count the numicon pieces on the table below and match them to the correct numerals? If you struggle, ask a grown up to help you!