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Date: 22nd Jun 2020 @ 9:04am

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Monday 22nd June 2020


Good Morning Fantastic Foxes, it’s Monday again! I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend and didn’t get caught in any of the rain showers!




For this week all of our blog activities are based around the tasks and activities you have to do for the Leavers Video. They are all listed on the letter that your grown-ups had last week and I am going to put two or three on the blog each day. Every time you complete a task send to us using our class email so that we can start to create our amazing video.

There a will still be a daily Collective Worship and I have also added the maths activities for each day, if you have the time.  


Leavers Video Activity

We are going to look at the first three activities on the letter today,


  1. Record a 10 second video clip of your child dancing to a fast, funky song!  They can be dancing anywhere to any song but please ensure you mute the sound on the video that you send us as we will be adding the dancing to our own song. 


  1. Get your child to paint/draw/collage/colour, a picture of your favourite day/event that they have had with us at Langley Mill Infant School and Nursery and send a photo of them holding it or a photograph of what they have made.  


  1. Send a one sentence video clip of your child saying ‘I am proud that at Langley Mill Infant School and Nursery I have learnt to …’


Collective Worship


This week all of our collective worship activities are based on one of our school key values, ASPIRE

Last week we thought a lot about how our brain works and what we can do to make it grow and stretch, so that we are learning all of the time. We need to try lots of different things to help our brains to grow and this week we are going to think about those things. Today we have a story all about turning what looks like a mistake into something wonderful. Each page starts with something that would normally get rubbed out or thrown away but they are turned into marvellous pictures and creations. It is called ‘Beautiful Oops’ by Barnie Saltzberg and you can listen to it by following the link.

Now try making your own ‘Beautiful Oops!’ what are you going to start with? A dot, a tear or a smudge?



Follow the link to find the video

Then find the worksheet at

Send your completed tasks to so that we can start adding them to the video.



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