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Date: 29th Jun 2020 @ 8:35am

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Monday 29th June 2020


Good Morning Fantastic Foxes, it’s Monday morning again! Are we all ready for some super learning this week? I really enjoyed talking to a lot of your grown ups last week and finding out how you are. I heard all about how you’re all getting on with your Leavers’ Video tasks too, so I know some of you will be very busy with those this week. Make that your first job and then there are other tasks if you have the time. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing all of your photos and videos.


Today’s blog has Collective Worship, Mathematics and a Sports Day activity for you to do if you have time or have finished all of your Leavers’ Video tasks.


Collective Worship


This week all of our collective worship activities are based on one of our school key values, RESPECT

This week should have been sports day in school, unfortunately due to the current situation we are not able to have sports day in school but lots of our blog activities are linked to sports day.

Today we are going to look at a PowerPoint all about sports day and the different things a good sports person needs to be like. The PowerPoint will be in the files section of your class webpage.

The PowerPoint is a bit like an acrostic poem. Each page comes together to spell the word sports day. On each page you will find a word that starts with each letter and an explanation of what these things are.

Once you have finished the PowerPoint, I would like you to think of a list of people that sports men and women need to show respect towards.



Follow the link to find the video


Then complete the worksheet that you can find by following the link


Sports Day Activity


At the end of this week we should have been holding our whole school sports day on the school field. It is always a super event that lots of your grown-ups enjoy watching and lots of the children enjoy taking part in. Today we are going to listen to the Nick Butterworth story ‘Sports Day’ by following this link,

and then plan your own sports day, what events would you have? Who would start the races? Where would it be? What would the prizes be? Would you have big finale like our Year 2 High Jump?


Send your completed Leavers’ Video tasks to so that we can add them to the video.

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