Fantastic Foxes Home Learning Friday 22nd May 2020

Date: 22nd May 2020 @ 8:40am

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Friday 22nd May 2020

It’s our last day of activities before the half term break today Foxes so I have some Fabulous Friday pictures to share with you, they are from Shakira, Layla, Steven and Oliver and they are all amazing! What a super end to your week, well done to all of you, your pictures have brightened my days.








Phonics / GPS


For our Friday challenge today Foxes we are going to complete a reading challenge all about seeds, you have some reading to do and then some quick questions. If you are doing this with your grown up get them to check how many words that you read correctly, do you think you will get 100? Follow the link to find it.


Collective Worship


It’s our Celebration Collective Worship day today.  Who has done something to celebrate this week?  Maybe everyone in your house has done something kind, or helpful?  Maybe someone has achieved something new? 

Sit together and write a list of all the wonderful things that have happened this week – I bet it will be a long list!



Follow the link to today’s activity and tasks, just look for the Friday Maths Challenge!









Have you got any activities left to do for today? Use this week’s link or choose something that you and your family enjoy doing. It looks like it’s going to be a blustery day today, have you got a kite you could fly?





Today for our English task you are going to write a report all about the learning that you have done at home for this term, you have all worked really hard and have impressed everyone with the work you have sent to us. You could write about your favourite tasks, your favourite subjects, your best day, something new that you have learnt with your grown ups or what it has been like to do all of your learning at home.



When I saw Miss Jowett earlier this week she told me that one of the things that she was missing the most was having the music on at lunch time, and being able to dance with you all, so this lunch time could all play your favourite song and have a dance!



This afternoon we are going to think about churches and why they are special places of worship for Christians. Follow the link to the information and activity on the website.



Bucket Filling Bonanza


I think that everyone has worked very hard this term and I think that includes your grown ups as well as you, so this afternoon give yourselves

an extremely well earned treat, try to choose something that you can all enjoy, or choose something for everyone and have an extra long Bucket Filling Bonanza!


Story time

Have you all heard Miss Scrivens story ‘The Invisible String’? If you haven’t you can find it on the website, you may need your grown up to help you to find it. Share it and think of all of your teachers and friends who are holding on to the invisible strings that connect us all.


May Challenge for today

For our last challenge for this month can you send me your favourite task for this term, I will use all of the pictures to make a picture collage for our class website page.


Happy Half Term!



Today is the last class blog until Tuesday 2nd June 2020, so have a well earned break and enjoy some time with your family. If you would like some activities to do I will leave all of the links and tasks on our class page of the website.

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