Fantastic Foxes Home Learning Friday 24th April 2020

Date: 24th Apr 2020 @ 9:11am

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Friday 24th April 2020


Happy Friday Fantastic Foxes! I can’t believe that we’ve got to the end of another week of home learning, I hope that you have been trying your hardest to do the activities and help your grown ups too. I think everyone had earned a good rest over the weekend, hopefully the sun will carry on shining so you can be outside. I have sent you all a little delivery in the post today, so keep your eye out for it, it might take a little longer to get to you than usual but it is on its way.

Phonics / GPS

Today is going to be our last activity about adverbs ending in ‘ly’ I have found some really boring sentences for you to change. I am sure that you can make all of these sentences more exciting (and yours will be better that the one that I have done at the top!). Write your ideas into your books, remember to add different adverbs to each one.

















Collective Worship


It’s time for Friday’s celebration collective worship again!

Who in your family has done something to celebrate this week?

Can you make them a certificate?

Would they be the Fantastic Fox or an Amazing Bucket Filler?



Follow the link to today’s activity

You will have a challenge to complete today, then you can check your answers.

Don’t forget to explain to your grown ups how you solved the problems.



Have a well deserved brain break and choose one of your favourite games or outdoor activities to do.




If you need to remind yourself of the story listen to it again.

Today your task is all about writing. I know how brilliant you all are at writing stories, do you think you could write your own version of the story by changing some of the characters and details? You could name the main character after you or your best friend, you could change where the character goes to stay, you could also think of different vegetables and food for each day. Don’t forget to change the title so it matches your main character!


Enjoy your lunch and then have a screen break to do something to get your body moving. Did you have time to all of the PE activities for this week?



We are going to think about churches today and why people go to church to worship. We have been to visit St. Andrews church lots of times with school and I know some of you go with your families too. I would like you to write or draw about a time that you visited the church and what you did. Can you remember how it made you feel? You can record you ideas in your book.


Story time

Curl up with your favourite book, even if you’ve read it lots of times.

Message for today


What a super week Fantastic Foxes, you have all been very busy and I have really enjoyed seeing all of your messages, you are making your grown ups and teachers very proud of you.

 Have a fabulous weekend.

Love from Miss Jones, Mrs Hallam and Miss Thurston xxx


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