Fantastic Foxes Home Learning Friday 3rd 2020

Date: 3rd Apr 2020 @ 8:44am

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Friday 3rd April 2020


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Description automatically generatedGood Morning everyone, we hope you are all safe and well. After today there will be a break in the daily blogs for you over the Easter holidays, but keep sending us your pictures, we love seeing them. As yesterday didn’t turn out to be the nice day I was hoping for when I saw the sun first think in the morning, I have my fingers crossed that today will be better and you will be able to go outside and finish your Mini Olympics today.

Phonics / GPS

We are going to really impress our grown-ups today Foxes and learn about expanded noun phrases! We know that nouns are naming words and an expanded noun phrase is a sentence that describes something using adjectives, like this.

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Can you describe some of the things in your house using expanded noun phrases and write them into your red books? I’m sure that will we have lots of exciting, imaginative sentences.


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Description automatically generatedCollective Worship

On Friday we would normally have our CELEBRATION awards assembly. What is something you are really proud of yourself for doing this week? Share this with a grown up and celebrate yourself!




Have a quick game of shape patterns at

to get your shapes brain working hard, then have a look at the properties of 3D shapes using this link

When you have watched the video can you remember the shape that has the same properties as the cube? There are two games to play afterwards.



Get a grown up in your house to teach you a game that they used to play at school playtimes, choose whether you have an indoor or outdoor game together.



What have you enjoyed about working at home so far? Write a report all about it, can you think of your own title and use subheadings for each paragraph? Remember what tense to use too Foxes!



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Description automatically generatedHave you finished you Mini Olympics? Who was the best at each event in your house? Have fun giving out the medals for each different event. I got a bronze medal for the cotton wool shot putt!


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Description automatically generatedThis afternoon should have been our Easter Concert performance of ‘Flower Power’, if you have made flowers in your house have a vote for your favourite one like we do at school and choose a winner. Then to celebrate the special time of Easter make a card that you could give to someone in your family. Use any ideas you can find and send us some pictures of your fabulous creations!

Bucket Filling Bonanza

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Description automatically generatedEnjoy choosing a treat that your whole family could enjoy. Mrs Hallam and I have missed our treat at the end of the week to celebrate all of the good bucket filling that you always do. Make sure that you carry on being good bucket fillers at home.

Story time

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Description automatically generatedShare one of your stories with someone different in your family who you have not read to yet this week, who could you choose today?



Message for today

We hope that you have a lovely weekend love from Miss Jones and Mrs Hallam.


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Mrs Amy Hurst wrote:

Shakira had fun doing her expanded noun sentences she done
The enormous, cuddly chick teddy
Two noisy,annoying brothers
The most lovely, helpful parents
Lots of yummy, tasty fruit
A comfy,cozy bed

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