Fantastic Foxes Home Learning Friday 5th June 2020

Date: 5th Jun 2020 @ 8:27am

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Friday 5th June 2020


Happy Friday Fantastic Foxes! I can’t believe it is the end of our first week already, we have really enjoyed being in our little bubble this week and we have being working hard on lots of the same activities at school as you have been doing at home. We have enjoyed doing the maths activities and reminding ourselves about our times tables. All of the work that you have sent so far has been printed and put on our new displays, keep sending it to make sure that we still all feel connected to each other. 


Phonics / GPS

Today is the last day that we have to finish our suffix activity booklet, have you managed to complete all of the tasks. The last task in the booklet is a game; you can make your own dice or use one from another game. This is the link if you need to find it again.


Collective Worship

It’s our Celebration Collective Worship day today, so who has been a fantastic bucket filler in your house this week? We have all been very busy at school this week with some of the children coming back on Tuesday, so I am going to give my bucket filler award to everyone who has worked hard to make sure that school is still a lovely place to be even though it is very different at the moment. Well done to all of the grown-ups and children this week. There is also a link on our main page to Ant and Dec's NSPCC Assembly, which is happening at 9.30am today.


Follow the link to today’s activity below

Once you have watched the video have a go at the sheet by following this link, remember either print it out or write it into your books.



What are you going to choose for your brain break today? The link for different ideas is still below or will you choose one of your favouorte toys? The children in school are enjoying making up games with their own set of equipment!




Today for our English task, I would like to look at the book all about Coronavirus that Axel Sheffler has illustrated again to remind yourself about what is in it using the link below. Once you have done that I would like you to write a letter to the Foxes that have come back to school this week. You tell them about the things you have been doing at home, what you are looking forward to doing in the summer, walks that you have been on or what you are missing about not seeing them. I know that they would love to hear from you, you could ask your grown to email it us.




Do you remember what I told you about Miss Jowett before the holidays? Well we haven’t seen her in the Foxes because she isn’t part of our ‘Bubble’ but I thought if we all had a dance at the same time we could all hold on to our invisible strings and join in! So find your favourite song and have a good boogie!




This is our last lesson of the week Fantastic Foxes, when we were all together in our classroom I really enjoy our RE lessons because it always shows me what kind and caring children that you all are. This story reminds me of all of you because I know that you would stop and help someone who needed it. We are going to think about the story of The Good Samaritan; you can watch it by following this link to The Beginners Bible


When you have watched the story, I would like you to think of ways we can use our talents to help others, you can write about your talents or draw a picture to show what you can do to help other people and show that you care for them.


Bucket Filling Bonanza


Well Fantastic Foxes, we have got to our favourite part of the week, when we share all of the good things that have happened in our class! We normally look in all of the buckets and share our amazing bucket filling talents. So today, make sure that you tell someone in your house how they have filled your bucket this week. Then choose something that you love to do and enjoy it while you think about all of the other Fantastic Foxes doing their favourite things too!


Story time

I think it is time for us to relax at the end of another busy week with a good book; I’m going to curl up in a comfy chair and have a cup of tea while a read my favourite Winnie the Pooh stories, what will you choose today?



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