Fantastic Foxes Home Learning Monday 20th April 2020

Date: 20th Apr 2020 @ 9:08am

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Monday 20th April 2020


Good Morning and welcome back everyone, it’s the start of a new term and a brand new topic! We are very excited about starting ‘3, 2, 1 Grow!’ and finding out all about people and plants thrive and grow. Mrs Hallam and I hope that you have a lovely Easter break and enjoyed some of the sunny weather that we have had. There is some new information on the website for you this morning, our new topic plan, our termly newsletter and a letter for the grown-ups.


Phonics / GPS

We are going to be learning all about adverbs this week and adding the right suffix on the end of verbs to turn them into adverbs. Can you remember what they do? It will really impress your grown-ups if you can! See if you can find the opposite of my adverbs, remember there could be more than answer.








Collective Worship


Our collective worship value for today is LEARN.

Watch Daniel in the Lions’ Den

How do you think Daniel got to be so clever?






Today is the first day that we are going to use the White Rose Maths Hub for our maths lesson.  It will be like our lessons at school, with activities for you to do with your grown up and then a task for you to do by yourself. You need to go to

and complete the Summer Term Week One Lesson One. This lesson is all about fractions and finding three quarters. Make sure you do the ‘Flashback’ activity first, I’ve checked and I know you can answer all of them!





Have a break and choose something to do indoors or outdoors that will get your body moving. Your brain will be able to concentrate better on your next job.




Can you listen to the story Oliver’s Vegetables by following this link







After you have listened to the story can you make a list of vegetables that you like and that you think you could persuade Oliver to try. What would you say to him?




Enjoy a break and a healthy lunch, did you eat any vegetables like Oliver? Have some fun outside before you start your last job for today, are you going to play a game? Bounce on a trampoline? Practice your skipping or do a bit of gardening?



Can you find out about the life cycle of a seed, there are lots of websites you could use, can you do your own safe search? I like the one on BBC Bitesize, but you might find a better one! When you have seen how seed grows can you draw a life cycle diagram in your red books, there are lots of examples like this one that you can use to help you, remember to add labels to your picture.



Story time

Well it’s story time again Foxes, hopefully you have been enjoying lots of different stories with you families. I think today would be a perfect day to have an outdoor story time, so take your favourite book somewhere safe outdoors and read it with someone in your house. Remember your sun safety!


Message for today

I hope you have had a great start to the new term, don’t forgot to send an email to our new address

You may have seen that some new online resources are being launched today, both from the government and BBC Bitesize, I will be including these into our daily activities where they match with what we would be learning in class. Keep up the brilliant work at home Foxes!

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