Fantastic Foxes Home Learning Monday 30th March 2020

Date: 30th Mar 2020 @ 8:35am

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Monday 30th March 2020


Good Morning everyone, It’s the start of a new week and we hope that you have had a nice weekend. Did you do something that you enjoy together?  (Did you remember to change your clocks?!) I will be adding a new list of online learning resources to the website today where the newsletters are, with links to the best of the new online learning that lots of people are now posting, hopefully they will add to your growing list of things to do at home.


Phonics / GPS

We had just started learning about contractions in class and using the apostrophe in the place of the missing letters, so ‘I have’ becomes ‘I’ve’ with the apostrophe replacing the ‘ha’. So imagine you have your own ‘Squeezeomatic’ machine and make these sets of two words into one, writing them into your red book.


would have

has not

could not

was not

can not

I am

we are

they have


Collective Worship

Our collective worship value for today is LEARN can you learn the Lord’s Prayer?




We are going to go over some of our shape work today. We are going to be shape detectives, looking all over the house for 2D shapes, can you draw and label what you find? What is the object and what shape is it? How many different shapes can you find?






Practise riding your bike or scooter in the garden or start one of your favourite jigsaw puzzles.



Can you read the information and answer the questions about Palm Sunday using the non-fiction text (on the main class page with the newsletters). Instead of printing the sheet write your answers into your books, just like we do in class.




Make sure that you help to make lunch and clear away before you finish the jigsaw you started earlier or do some Cosmic Kids Yoga. Or maybe you want to head outside to get some fresh air instead.



Can you draw pictures of some of the different habitats that we have learned about around the world, like the desert, jungle, rainforest and Polar Regions? Label your pictures and then add pictures of the animals that live there. Are you going to draw them or find pictures to print? Check that you put the animals in the correct habitats, I nearly put the polar bear in the desert!


Story time

Well it’s story time again and knowing what fabulous readers you all are I think that you should treat your grown ups to a story today, let them get comfy, hold the book so they can see the pictures and enjoy telling a story. See how many different voices you can use.


Message for today

I hope you have had a positive start to our second week of learning at home, we are missing you very much and can’t wait to see your red books and all of the work you are filling them with. We have enjoyed seeing the photos that some of you have sent to school already. Love from Miss Jones and Mrs Hallam

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