Fantastic Foxes' Home Learning Tasks Tuesday 24th March 2020

Date: 24th Mar 2020 @ 8:40am

A picture containing drawingDescription automatically generatedTuesday 24th March 2020

Home Learning Tasks for The Fantastic Foxes

Good Morning everyone, I hope that you made a start on some of your activities yesterday and had some fun with your grown-ups at home. Remember any recording can be done in your red book. There are games and outdoor activities too so you can keep active and healthy.

Phonics / GPS

We have been working on different suffixes for the last few weeks, can you use the suffixes –er and –est to write some sentences comparing objects around your house, e.g. The toaster is bigger than the kettle. My mug is the smallest in the house.

Collective Worship

Our collective worship value for today is SERVE. Can you find a bible story where Jesus serves his friends?


For our fractions work today have a look on Twinkl for this worksheet  to practise finding half of different amounts OR play ‘Match unit fraction to image’ on


Practise your skipping or hula hooping, how long can you keep going for? Time yourself, can you get anyone else in your house to have a go?  If you need to stay inside try some of the yoga poses from the website. (See Monday’s jobs for where to find them)


Create and label a chick life cycle picture adding captions and labels to show what happens as the chick hatches and grows, can you use some of the words that we learnt about in class?


When you have had your lunch go outside for some fresh air and complete the next day of your spring watch diary and record what changes you can see and what the weather is like today.


Complete the Joe Wicks PE lesson for today (If you want to do this live move your activities around and get active at 9.00am, if not stream it later in the day)


Look at some family photos and talk about the different generations of your family. Can you sort them into generations?

Story time

Tell someone in your house a story that you know without using the book.

Message for today

Don’t forget to look at the website links too, there are lots of interactive games as well as sites that have a wide range of printable activities.

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