Fantastic Foxes Home Learning Thursday 11th June 2020

Date: 11th Jun 2020 @ 9:07am

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Thursday 11th June 2020


Good Morning Foxes! I hope you are having a lovely week, and trying hard with our activities. I hope that you manage to get outside for some fresh air today, it looks like it might be a blustery day!


Phonics / GPS


This week for our phonics tasks we have been thinking about using apostrophes. We started with our new booklet at the beginning of the week and we have been practising using apostrophes to show that something belongs to someone. Today we are going to think about using apostrophes for contractions. Can you remember the work we have already done? The apostrophe takes the place of the letters that you drop in a contraction. Follow the link to find your task for today.


Collective Worship


Our Collective Worship value for today is SERVE.

Today we are going to think about a spy called Frank Foley. Before we learn about him, draw a quick picture of what you think a spy should look like.

Frank Foley, was a spy but he looked like an ordinary person and this is why he was so good at his job as a spy and he ended up saving thousands of lives. Frank looked out for people who were different from himself and helped the escape from danger, by doing this he was putting himself in danger. Frank helped 10,000 Jews escape from Germany before World War 2.

Frank did something extraordinary to serve others including putting himself in danger. During this strange time, we are all currently helping to serve others by staying indoors as much as possible to help stop coronavirus from spreading. During today I would like you to think about what else you can do to help serve the people in your house. How can you do something to make things just a little bit easier for them.

Frank Foley: The mild-mannered British spy who defied Hitler and ...



Follow the link to today’s activity below

Once you have watched the video have a go at the sheet by following this link, remember either print it out or write it into your books.




What are you going to choose for today? Will it be an indoor or outdoor activity? Are you going to try something new today? We will be going outside to practise our song, hopefully we will be able to dodge the rain showers!





We are going to think about the same story again today, here is the link if your need to read it again



Then today you can either finish your story that you started yesterday and illustrate it OR write an acrostic poem using the title of the story.





I’m not sure what the children in our little bubble will be doing today, it will depend a little bit on the weather which doesn’t look to nice at the moment. We will be choosing our activity later, if we stay inside we might do some Zumba!




Today’s task is all about a song that we all know very well!








Today’s music activity from Miss Thurston is to think about how the instruments that you looked at last week are played, follow the link to find the activity. Don’t forget if you have any instruments to play send us a picture!