Fantastic Foxes Home Learning Thursday 16th July 2020

Date: 16th Jul 2020 @ 8:16am

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Thursday 16th July 2020


Good Morning Fantastic Foxes, we are almost ready for your visit to school tomorrow so that you can collect your leavers pack.


Today is Everyone Reading Together Day, so there is an extra activity for you to have a go at with your family later. I have also put a really exciting reading map on our class page that you could start today, follow the link to find it.


Collective Worship


For our last activity about moving on and changing classes or schools we are going to think about all of the things we have really enjoyed this year, and what we are looking forward to about next year. Cody the Butterfly will help you with your ideas.



Follow the link to find the video


Then complete the worksheet that you can find by following the link


Summer Reading Challenge Activity

Today our reading activity is all about Fairy tales and traditional stories. Choose your favourite one to read and then see if you can answer the questions all about it. Can you write your answers in full sentences?

Who is the main character?

Where is the story set?

Who is the hero or heroine in the story?

Who is the baddie in the story?

What exciting event happens in the story?


Now you have answered the questions can you choose your favourite part to draw and label?


Everyone Reading Together

Why not have a go at the Reading Together Treasure Hunt?

Reading Treasure Hunt 

On 16th July   17:30 – 18:10

Do join us on this Reading Treasure Hunt. You can take part at home or over a video-call with family and friends.  It makes a change from the family quiz!

See We’d love to see your own families’ treasure hordes too as your children will! #ReadingTreasure


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