Fantastic Foxes Home Learning Thursday 21st May 2020

Date: 21st May 2020 @ 8:19am

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Thursday 21st May 2020


It’s Thursday again Fantastic Foxes, and we have two fabulous pictures for today. Thank you to Layla and Shakira for their hard work and ‘Together’ we are going to have a ‘Tip Top’ Thursday!



Phonics / GPS

Today Foxes we are going to think about adding the correct punctuation for different types of sentences.

Today’s task is to write the different types of sentences for the pictures on pages three and four of the activity that we started yesterday.

Follow the link to find them


Collective Worship

Our collective worship value for today is RESPECT.

Remind yourselves what we know about respect and how we show each other respect at school? How do we make sure that we are all good bucket fillers? Jonah loved God, but did not show him respect when he ran away, instead of going to Nineveh. 

What should he have done?  Where was Jonah when he realised that he was wrong, and he needed to make it up to God?

Can you draw a picture of this part of the story?



Follow the link to today’s activity and tasks, just look for week five, lesson four

Then find the worksheet on the website by following this link


Don’t forget about Karate Cats Maths




Mental Maths Train




What are you going to choose today, will you be inside or outside? It looks like is it going to be a lovely day and I know we have some keen gardeners in the Fantastic Foxes so you could help out in the garden too.






You have been working every hard on poems this week Foxes and I have been very impressed with all of the work I have seen so far. Today is going to be our last poem activity as I have something a little different planned for tomorrow! Follow the link to the poem on the website. It is all about the life cycle of a flower, you are going to copy it, either on the paper if you can print it or in your books and then find each pair of rhyming words and colour them in a different colour.