Fantastic Foxes Home Learning Thursday 26th March 2020

Date: 26th Mar 2020 @ 8:34am

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Thursday 26th March 2020


Good Morning everyone, we’re getting towards the end of our first week of home learning. I hope that you are managing to get some of your activities done. Remember they don’t all have to be done in the same day or at certain times, you can be as flexible with them as you need to suit your situation. Keep recording in your red books too.

Phonics / GPS

We have been working on different suffixes for the last few weeks, can you add –ing to the end of these words, can you remember whether we need to ‘Double, Drop or Nothing’?

run, smile, stay, eat, draw, write, play, shop, send, nod.

Collective Worship

Our collective worship value for today is RESPECT. Can you write a list of different ways you can show respect to others at home or school?


For today’s fraction activity can you find some counters, building bricks or anything else that you can use to count. Use your objects to investigate whether you can split odd and even numbers in half; what do you think that you will find out? Tell someone your predictions, or write the down, then test them out.


Choose your favourite song to play while you practise jumping and hopping in different ways either in a safe space indoors or outside in your garden.


Practise your handwriting using words that you have used in your chick factsheet. Try and join all of the letters in each word. Remember v, w and o all join at the top.


After you have enjoyed your lunch, have a go at being an expert dancer using this link


Complete your favourite online workout, will it be Joe Wicks, Just Dance or Cosmic Kids?

If you would rather be out in the fresh air go into your garden and play your favourite game.

Story time

Find a bedtime story on Cbeebies to watch, my favourite is Odd Dog Out by Rob Biddulph

Message for today

If you watched my favourite story and enjoyed it, use the website link to try Drawing with Rob. I had a go at the Sausage Dog!

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