Fantastic Foxes Home Learning Thursday 9th July 2020

Date: 9th Jul 2020 @ 8:12am

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Thursday 9th July 2020


Good Morning Fantastic Foxes, remember that tomorrow is the last day for you to send your amazing pictures, videos and photos to be included on our first ever Langley Mill Church of England Infant School and Nursery Year 2 Leavers’ Video!! Make sure that you send your tasks so you will have a lovely memento of your time here.


Today for the blog again we have a Collective Worship, Mathematics and a Summer activity for you to do if you have time or have finished all of your Leavers’ Video tasks.


Collective Worship

We are thinking again of the story of The Good Samaritan today and the school value serve.


The Good Samaritan made the right decision in stopping to help the injured man.

We should all try to make the right choices in our lives, but sometimes this is difficult.  Sometimes we may need to do something, but we’d rather not, or we think it’s too hard, or it’s nothing to do with us! Can you think of a time when you’ve done the right thing, even though it wasn’t the easiest thing for you?

It might be sharing a toy or some sweets?  Maybe helping with a job at home, when you don’t feel like it?

How did you feel?

Draw a picture of a time when you have done the right thing to help someone else.




Follow the link to find the video

Then complete the worksheet that you can find by following the link


Summer Activity

We have another summer themed activity for you today, it is all about summer songs. Here is a song all about summer, can you learn it and then have a go at changing some of the words to make your own version? You could write or record your version to send us.



Send your completed Leavers’ Video tasks to so that we can add them to the video.

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