Fantastic Foxes Home Learning Tuesday 19th May 2020

Date: 19th May 2020 @ 9:02am

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Tuesday 19th May 2020


Hello again Fantastic Foxes, I hope you had a good start to our home learning week yesterday, we have got our afternoon activities from Miss Thurston today, so don’t forget to send any emails to her at


Phonics / GPS


Remember Foxes that we started this yesterday so carry on from the picture that you had got to.

If you can’t print the sheet, try drawing the pictures in your book before you wrote the sentences. Follow the link to find it








Collective Worship


Our collective worship value for today is LEARN.

This week’s story is ‘Jonah and the Whale’.  Re-watch or re-read it if you would like to. What do you think Jonah learned at the end of the story, after he had been to Nineveh and the people there had listened to him and changed their ways?




Follow the link to today’s activity and tasks, just look for week five, lesson two

Then find the worksheet on the website by following this link


Don’t forget about Karate Cats Maths




Mental Maths Train





Miss Thurston has sent a new set of challenges for this week, which one are you going to choose for your break this morning?



Read our poem ‘Little Brown Seeds’ from yesterday again then write an acrostic poem all about your sunflower seed and what is happening to it. You can make your own page for your book or use the one on the website.






Choose one of the activities from Miss Thurston to do after your lunch or use one of the links we have already tried. I liked the online jigsaw puzzles! Use the link to take you to the activities,




Use this link to take you the PE lesson for today



Miss Thurston has sent this activity for you to do this afternoon. Follow the link to find it


Story time

I really enjoyed looking at the Booktrust website so I’m going to try some of the games about stories today


May Challenge for today


Can you teach your grown-ups one of our school prayers today, one of my favourites is the morning prayer.




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