Fantastic Foxes Home Learning Tuesday 21st April 2020

Date: 21st Apr 2020 @ 8:57am

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Tuesday 21st April 2020


Hello Fantastic Foxes, I hope that you enjoyed starting your daily activities yesterday and have made a good start on our brand new topic. Hopefully you and your grown ups have been keeping up to date with the website and have seen the letter about our new class email, which is Mrs Hallam and I are looking forward to seeing your pictures, photos and work. We know you are all busy at home and can’t wait to see what you are doing.

Phonics / GPS

We are carrying on with our learning all about adverbs and today we are going to be adverb spotters! All of the words below have got mixed up in my computer and now I don’t know which ones are the adverbs. I’m hoping the you can help me sort them out and write all of the words that you think are the adverbs in your red book.

Collective Worship

Our collective worship value for today is SERVE.

Thinking about the story of Daniel in the Lions’ Den (you can watch it again if you like) - talk about how Daniel served God, but ended up in the Lions’ Den.

Sometimes it can be difficult to serve, but you should always do your best.

Why don’t you draw a picture of Daniel in the Lions’ Den?


We are going to use the same website again for our maths task today,

and complete the Summer Term Week One Lesson Two. This lesson is all about fractions and counting with them.

Don’t forget the Flashback activity to get those brainboxes warmed up and working.


Have you ever played Cat’s Cradle? It was one of my favourite playground games when I was at school, all you need is a piece of wool or string and I bet one of your grown-ups knows how to play. If they don’t have a look at to see how it works.


If you need to remind yourself of the story listen to it again. Then think about the different meals that Oliver had during the week he spent with Grandpa, which one would you choose? What is your favourite meal? Draw and label it in your book, or help to cook it and put a photo in your books. Then write some detailed sentences about why you like it. This is one of my favourites, Toad in the Hole with potatoes and peas!


Enjoy a well earned rest and play one of your favourite indoor or outdoor games, remember it’s important to have lots of screen breaks during your day so make sure you choose something active.


Miss Thurston has been busy finding PE activities for you to do at home that you will enjoy as well as keeping up the amazing skills that you have been learning. There are ideas for indoor and outdoor activities for this week with the newsletter, choose some for today. If your grown ups take any photos Miss Thurston would love to see them, she has her own email address for you to use now too.


We are all different and unique and that is what we are going to be thinking about for the next few weeks. Today we are going to think all about you.

Make a list of things that make you different from the rest of your family.

Describe what you can do that makes you unique.

What do you have that no-one else has? Complete a unique fingerprint picture like the one below, describing what makes you so special. Don’t forget to share your work with us!!

I Am Unique Worksheets & Teaching Resources | Teachers Pay Teachers

Story time

We love stories in the Fantastic Foxes and I know how good you all are at telling stories as well as listening to them. Choose one of your favourite stories and find a comfy spot somewhere in your house and share your story with someone in your family.

Message for today

We‘ve had a super start to our new term and I am looking forward to speaking to some of your grown ups today to find out how you are all doing, if I don’t manage to speak to them today then it will be your turn tomorrow or Friday. By the end of this week I will have had a catch up with everyone!


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