Fantastic Foxes Home Learning Tuesday 28th April 2020

Date: 28th Apr 2020 @ 9:02am

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Tuesday 28th April 2020


Hello again Foxes, I’ve been busy thinking of more activities for you to do at home and I have seen that you have been busy at home too. Keep sending the messages and photos, Mrs Hallam and I have enjoyed seeing the extra activities that you have been doing, especially the baking!

Phonics / GPS

Today I would like you to think about questions. What do questions have? How do we know a sentence is a question? Can you write a set of rules all about questions?

Collective Worship

Our collective worship value for today is ASPIRE.

This week we are thinking about the story of Noah’s Ark, today we are going to watch the story again using the link from Monday. Then your task is to think about something you aspire to do or get finished, just like Noah aspired to finish building his ark and get the animals onboard before the rain came. Is your idea something that you can do at home now or something that you can do when we are back at school? Share your ideas with a grown up, draw them or write them down.




Follow the link to today’s activity

You will need to do look for Summer Term – Week 2 w/c 27th April 2020 Lesson Two


Complete one of the challenges on the link

If it still raining choose one that you can do indoors.



Use the link to listen to or read the story again if you need to. Today our task is going to be to create a fruit and vegetable alphabet, can you think of one for every letter? Some are tricky so I will give you a clue about Q. Can you remember learning about ‘The Owl and The Pussycat’? they eat something beginning with Q. You can write or draw your alphabet, if you have time do both!




Is it going to be a wet playtime today? If it is, have a go at the Cosmic Kids yoga or Joe Wicks if you didn’t do it earlier on. If you would rather do something quieter have you got a jigsaw puzzle you could do? There are some online ones at




Go to and see if you can complete the 2.6 challenge. Send your pictures to Miss Thurston at



You need to follow the link to the eBook, read each page and talk to your grown ups about the book.


Story time

Have a look for another good story online, I’m going to listen to ‘Under The Same Sky’ today.


Message for today

If you have sent a message look out for your reply, you may have a little something attached, or you may see a picture of your work on the school website or Facebook page.

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