Fantastic Foxes Home Learning Tuesday 31st March 2020

Date: 31st Mar 2020 @ 9:16am

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Tuesday 31st March 2020


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Description automatically generatedHello Fantastic Foxes, hopefully you are all getting used to using the blog and finding the day's new tasks each morning.  Don’t forget that you can log in at the bottom of each post and add your own comments, or you can send us pictures of your work using the school email address

We would love to see what you have been doing.


Phonics / Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling

We started some work on contractions yesterday and using the apostrophe in the place of the missing letters.  Today we are going to do the opposite of the ‘Squeezomatic’, so instead of making one word out of two we are going to make two words out of one! See if you can work out which two words I have put through the ‘Squeezomatic’ and write them into your red book.











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Description automatically generatedCollective Worship

Our collective worship value for today is SERVE. Can you do something to serve someone in your house today. What do you think would be the most helpful? Are you going to tidy your room, help with the washing up or read a story to a younger brother or sister?


Hopefully Fantastic Foxes you found lots of different 2D shapes around your house yesterday. Today we are going to really impress your grown-ups with your shape knowledge! Can you remember all of the different words that we can use to describe the properties of shapes? We are going to use those to describe some of the shapes that you found yesterday. You could record them like mine or think of your own different way for your red books.




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It has four sides.

All of the sides are equal.

It has four vertices.



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If the weather is nicer than it was yesterday, get outside and play a ball game that you enjoy.  If it is too rainy again, choose a board game to play with someone in your house. Have you got any of the same ones that we play at school?


For today’s English task you are going to have to do some choosing of your own Foxes. Mrs Hallam and I would like you to write a book review, but you must choose the book to write about! It could be your favourite story; it could be a story about Easter or one that your grown-ups enjoy reading to you. See if you can make your own review page like this one (if you would like some different ideas there are lots of examples of these on Twinkl if you search for book reviews).

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Description automatically generatedLunchtime

After you have eaten your lunch and helped to clear away in the kitchen (this could be your serving task!), choose something that you’ve not tried yet at lunchtime, I think I will have a go at Cosmic Kids Yoga again, Mrs Hallam is having a dance!


You must have a favourite workout by now, which is it? You can do your favourite or the new one from Mrs Thurston (with the newsletters on the main class page).


Can you write a letter to someone in your family telling them all about the fabulous home learning that you have been doing?  What else could you tell them about the things that you have been doing at home? Have you tried any cooking or baking yet? Have you learnt a new skill? Or have you just enjoyed spending time with your grown-ups?  Whichever it is make sure you include it in your letter.


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Description automatically generatedStory time

For our story time today I would like you to find your favourite story and sit with someone to read it at 3.00pm.  I’m going to be doing the same thing and thinking about our story times at school.  If we all do the same thing it will be almost as good as sharing our stories together.

Message for today

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Description automatically generatedWell done for finishing another day’s learning, I’m sure that all of your brains will be much bigger by the time we see you again! Miss Scrivens is keeping us all up to date with your lovely Facebook messages and thoughts. We all have our fingers crossed that we will all back together soon. Love from Miss Jones and Mrs Hallam.


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