Fantastic Foxes Home Learning Wednesday 10th June 2020

Date: 10th Jun 2020 @ 8:40am

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Wednesday 10th June 2020


It’s wonderful Wednesday already Foxes! I can’t believe we are halfway through our week. I have had some super work so far this week, don’t forget to keep sending your bubble pictures and your microbe characters, we keep adding them to the displays in our classroom. Are you all ready for some exciting activities today?


Phonics / GPS


This week for our phonics tasks we have been thinking about using apostrophes. We started with our new booklet at the beginning of the week and we have been practising using apostrophes to show that something belongs to someone. Today’s task is brilliant because you get to be the teacher for the last activity in the booklet! You have to look at the piece of writing and correct all of the mistakes that you see.


Collective Worship


Our Collective Worship value for today is RESPECT.


Today our story is called “The woman who touched Jesus.” You can watch it by clicking on the link

In the story the woman has been poorly for many years but she still respects Jesus and believe he can heal her. In the end Jesus explains that it was not him but her respect and trust that healed her.

Respect is such an important value to have – can you talk about the different people who you respect, can you talk about why you respect them. Can you then think of a list of people who respect you, why do you think they respect you?





Follow the link to today’s activity


Once you have watched the video have a go at the sheet by following this link, remember either print it out or write it into your books.



What are you going to choose for today? Will it be an indoor or outdoor activity? Miss Thurston has sent some challenges for this week that I have put on our main class page, they are called ‘The step up challenge’, ‘Socks in the box’ and the ‘Figure of 8 challenge’. Which one are you going to try?