Fantastic Foxes Home Learning Wednesday 20th May 2020

Date: 20th May 2020 @ 8:37am

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Wednesday 20th May 2020


Good morning Fantastic Foxes, this amazing picture was drawn by Isla and she would like to wish you all a ‘Wonderful Wednesday’. I have some fabulous pictures for Friday but none for Thursday yet, if any of you have time today!




Phonics / GPS

Today Foxes we are going to think about adding the correct punctuation at the end of sentences. Can you remember when we worked on statements, commands, questions and exclamations? They looked like this.


Today’s task is to put the correct punctuation at the end of each sentence on the first two pages.


Follow the link to find the sentences to finish correctly, then copy into your book.


Collective Worship


Our collective worship value for today is ASPIRE.

In our story ‘Jonah and the Whale’ the people of Nineveh aspired to live better lives, after Jonah spoke to them of God’s teachings and the importance of being kind and good. 

Talk to your grown-up about what you aspire to be better at? Grown-ups what do you aspire to be better at?  You may need to start this conversation off, as it can be a bit tricky for our little ones to think this way to begin with!



Follow the link to today’s activity and tasks, just look for week five, lesson three