Fantastic Foxes Home Learning Wednesday 24th June 2020

Date: 24th Jun 2020 @ 8:26am

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Wednesday 24th June 2020


Good Morning everyone, it is the middle of the week already, we are halfway through our Leavers’ Videos tasks, we have had lots of amazing pictures and videos already, keep sending yours to be included on the first ever Leavers’ Video!


We are going to carry on with all of the tasks and activities you have to do for the Leavers Video again today. Don’t forget that they are all listed on the letter that your grown-ups had last week, we have another two for the blog today. Every time you complete a task send to us using our class email so that we can start to create our amazing video.

Collective Worship and the maths activities for today are below the Leavers Video Activities, if you have the time.  


Leavers Video Activity

We are going to look at the next two activities on the letter today, (the numbers match the activities on the letter so you can keep track at home and tick them off as you do each one)


  1. Get your child to create a sign which says the name of the junior school they are moving to and send a photo of them holding it or just a photograph of what they have made. 


  1. Send us a photograph of what job your child wants to do when they grow up.  You could photograph your child dressed as their aspiring worker or a photograph of picture of what they want to be. 


Collective Worship


This week all of our collective worship activities are based on one of our school key values ASPIRE

The story for today is called ‘The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes’ and it is by Mark Pett and Gary Rubinstein. It is all about a girl called Beatrice Bottomley who never made mistakes and hated getting things wrong.


Have you ever heard the saying ‘Mistakes are proof that you are trying’? We think that it is OK to make mistakes and try different things, especially when you are learning something new. Making mistakes can lead to the best discoveries! Follow the link to the story to find out what happens to Beatrice and whether she changes her mind. Can you think of a time when you made a mistake? What happened? Did you learn something new?



Follow the link to find the video

Then find the worksheet at


Send your completed Leavers' Video tasks to so that we can start adding them to the video.

Your report photos can be sent to the class email address too, make sure that you send yours so that you have an up to date photo on the front page of your end of year report.



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