Fantastic Foxes Home Learning Wednesday 6th May April 2020

Date: 6th May 2020 @ 8:46am

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Wednesday 6th May 2020


Good morning to you all Fantastic Foxes, it is going to be Mrs Hallam’s birthday at the weekend and I thought it would be nice if you could draw some pictures for her, you could ask your grown-ups to send photos of them to me so that I could print them for her to have at home.


Phonics / GPS

Our phonics task today is all about correcting spellings, can you correct the mistakes that have circles around them and then write the whole sentence in your book?


Collective Worship


Our Collective Worship value for today is RESPECT.

As part of the VE Day celebration, it was important to everyone that they showed respect to the soldiers who fought in the war, many of whom lost their lives. One such way of honouring and showing respect to soldiers was to award them with different medals for their bravery. Below is a medal that was given to soldiers after WWI.  Can you design a medal that could have been given to show respect to the soldiers who fought in WWII?

Victory Medal (South Africa) - Wikipedia



Follow the link to today’s activity

You will need to do look for Summer Term – Week 3 w/c 4th May 2020 Lesson Three


This is the link to Karate Cats Maths. It has all of the different maths topics we have learnt about and lots of different levels and medals to work through and earn. Follow the link to take you to the game, can you get to the gold award in every topic?








Can you complete the challenges for today by following the link


English and RE

 We say prayers at lots of different times during our usual school days. Can you share some of them with your grown-ups? Today I would like you to think about a prayer that you and your family could say on VE Day to give thanks and praise God. You can write this into your book or there is a page border on the website that you could print. Do you think that you would be able to share your prayer with your family on Friday?



Can you complete the challenges for today by following



Can you find out about our flag, the Union Jack? Why does it have three different colours? Where does the patterns come from? Then can you create your own flag? You could do this in any way that you like, will it be painted, collaged, coloured or made from Lego? I can’t wait to see what you all choose!


Story time

Is there another book that you would like to read?


May Challenge for today


Can you plan something that you can do on Friday to mark VE Day in your house?

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