Brilliant Bears' Home Learning Tasks Monday 23rd March 2020

Date: 23rd Mar 2020 @ 9:27am

Brilliant Bears

Monday 23rd March 2020

Morning activity


Wake Up Shake Up:



Phonics song:

Playing name i-spy

Talk about all the names in the house and the initial (first) sound in all of your names.

For example, M for Mummy.

When this is understood, play game i-spy. 


Numbers to 10 action song:

String and straw

How many pieces can you cut your straw into?

When you have cut the straw, carefully count the straw pieces.

Can you find 1 piece of straw? Repeat this with numbers 1-10 (depending on how many pieces have been cut).

Can you thread them onto your string so you don’t loose them ready for tomorrow’s activity.



Please watch the season songs. Look at the different seasons. What are the differences?

Talk about Spring with somebody in your house?

What is different about winter and spring?

Explain about spring events: new life, flowers growing, trees leaves changing, Easter.

Extra activities:



Please copy over your name daily.

Funky fingers:

Can you make a model of a flower with your play dough?


Can you do the down wards dog?


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