Marvellous Moles - Home Learning Tasks - Friday 3rd April

Date: 2nd Apr 2020 @ 8:11pm



Friday 3rd April 2020

Morning Moles!!!  We’ve reached the end of the second week – well done all!

We are missing you, but we are SO proud of all your hard work!

If you have sent us your work to have a look at – thank you!  We love seeing what you’ve been up to.  Keep up the good work, and hopefully we can all be together again soon!


Marvellous Moles Home Learning Tasks:


In phonics we have been looking at words which have four sounds such as flip, kelp, stop, plan. Use these words to play games with your child e.g. what sounds can you hear? Make letter cards and put them in the right order or have a go at writing them in your books. Can you put them into a question?  e.g. What is kelp?

Collective Worship

On Friday we usually have our ‘Celebration Assembly’.

Can you think about who in your family deserves to be a Marvellous Mole or Bucket Filler this week?

Why don’t you make a little prize for them?!


PSED - Personal, Social, Emotional Development

Remember to praise each other for all the good things you are doing!

Saying positive things to each other makes us all feel good. 😊


PD - Physical Development

Cosmic Kids Yoga – Spiderman

Free Spiderman Images Free, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art ...

CL - Communication and Language

Tell some jokes – who can make everyone laugh the most?  Can you think of your own jokes – this is really tricky, but very funny!


L - Literacy

Choose a story to read together. Can you spot any of the sight words you have been learning?  Are there any words you don’t understand? Talk with your grown-up about how you could find out what new words mean.


M - Mathematical Development

Play the ‘Shape Patterns’ game on TOPMARKS. Describe and complete the patterns on the trains.



It’s celebration day today!  Can you make a delicious pudding to go with your lunch?  Our favourite is chocolate sponge and custard! 

Don’t forget to keep washing your hands!


EAD - Expressive Arts and Design.

Take a line for a walk, then carefully colour on all the different sections.  Try to make sure that the same colours do not touch!

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