Marvellous Moles Home Learning Monday 18th May 2020

Date: 17th May 2020 @ 4:10pm

Monday 18thth May 2020

Morning Marvellous Moles!  How was your weekend? We hope you managed to do some lovely things at home with your families. Here is our first set of activities for the week, all about ‘Jack and the beanstalk’. We hope you enjoy having a go at them and remember to keep recording activities in your home learning books and emailing your super work to us.


Marvellous Moles Home Learning Tasks:


As you know we are following the Sounds Write phonics teaching scheme in school. Have a go at the speed read game on their website. How many words can you read in 30 seconds? Record it in your book. We are currently working on Unit 11 ‘ch’, if these are a little too tricky choose one of the lower units.


Collective Worship

Our collective worship value for today is SERVE.

The story that we are going to be thinking about this week is one from the Old Testament of the Bible. It is called ‘Jonah and the Whale’. If you have a Bible or a Bible story book you can read your own version of the story. If you haven’t you can watch it by following this link.


Sometimes it is difficult to serve God – Usually Jonah was happy to serve God, by when God asked him to go to Nineveh he decided not to – Why did he not do as God had asked him?


PSED - Personal, Social, Emotional Development

In school we have learnt lots about us all being very different. During our first topic of the year we looked at the way we looked and compare the similarities and differences with our friends. Some of us were boys some girls, some had blue eyes others brown or green. We had some tall Marvellous Moles and some short. Today we would like you to make a list of the differences between Jack and the giant in our story. How many will you be able to think of?

Image result for jack and the giant


PD - Physical Development

How fit are you feeling today? Miss Thurston would like you to travel 1 mile today! You might want to walk, jog, ride you bike or even your scooter. Ask a grown-up if they can measure it for you, they often have a special app on their phones or watches that can do this. How long did it take you to complete a whole mile?

Image result for walk a mile


CL-Communication and Language

Today you will need to be super listeners for our activity. We have given you a link to a game in which you hear an everyday sound. Your job is to listen carefully and try and work out where you might have heard the sound before.

Switch your listening ears on!



L – Literacy

If we were at school, we would be sharing the story of ‘Jack and the beanstalk’ with you this week.  If you have your own copy please read it together, if not, watch the story on the following link to help you find out what happens in the story.


M - Mathematical Development

As we are getting so good with our numbers to 20 we would like to set you a little challenge today. If we were in school at the moment we would be starting our little competition to see who is our number whizz! We would like you to make some number cards to 20, it can just be on some scrap paper and have a go at putting them in the right order from 0-20. Once you are getting good at this see how fast you can do it! Last year one of our Moles could do it faster than the teachers! I wonder if anyone will be that quick this year?


Today’s activity might be best done outside as you are going to be doing some throwing and catching!

Throw a ball or rolled up socks in the air and clap hands once before you catch.  Now try to clap twice.

Count how many times you can clap between each throw and catch?


EAD – Expressive Arts and Design.

When Jack, in our story, climbed to the top of the beanstalk he found a magnificent castle. Today we would like you to have a go at drawing or making a castle out of junk model. My children had a go at this last week and they loved choosing all the different boxes for the various parts and they even added a moving draw bridge using some old wool. Please send us a picture of your creation!

 Image result for childrens drawing of castle

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