Marvellous Moles Home Learning Tasks Monday 20th April 2020

Date: 19th Apr 2020 @ 5:07pm


Monday 20th April 2020

Morning Marvellous Moles!  How was your Easter Break?  Hopefully the Easter Bunny paid you a visit, and you had lots of fun with your families! We will start putting up daily activities again now, so let’s get started!   Remember, don’t worry if you don’t get chance to do them all choose the ones which best fit in with your daily routine.

Marvellous Moles Home Learning Tasks:


In phonics we have been looking at words which have four sounds, such as slip, flip, logs and help. Use these words to play games with your child e.g. What sounds can you hear? Make letter cards and put them in the right order or have a go at writing them in your books.   Can you put any of the words into a sentence? Have a go at writing a sentence in your book.

 Extra challenge - Can you use the letters to build any different words?

Collective Worship

Our collective worship value for today is LEARN.

Watch Daniel in the Lions’ Den

How do you think Daniel got to be so clever?

PSED - Personal, Social, Emotional Development

In the story of The Gingerbread Man there is a river.  Rivers are wonderful, interesting places, but they can also be dangerous.  Talk with your grown-up about how to stay safe by water.

You could even make a poster if you like!

PD - Physical Development

We’re going to practise our groovy dance moves this week!

Try Zumba Kids – I like to move it

Who is the best dancer in your house?

CL - Communication and Language

While you are reading or watching The Gingerbread Man join in with the repeated parts of the story.

Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread Man!

L – Literacy

If we were at school, we would be sharing the story of The Gingerbread Man with you this week.  If you have your own copy please read it together, if not, watch


M - Mathematical Development

In Maths this week we are going to be thinking about patterns.

Can you be a pattern detective?  Look around your house for any patterns you can find…maybe on a jumper or a cushion?  See how many you can find.

Copy your favourite pattern into your book.


Can you help your grown-up to learn our Lunchtime Prayer today?


Bless the food on our table,

Keep us healthy, strong and able,



Remember to wash your hands and help to clear up when you have finished eating!


EAD – Expressive Arts and Design.

Can you make a Gingerbread Man stick or finger puppet out of paper?

Remember to use the scissors carefully.


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