Marvellous Moles Home Learning Tasks Thursday 7th May 2020

Date: 6th May 2020 @ 10:25pm

Thursday 7th May 2020

Hello Marvellous Moles!  Today we will finish preparing for the VE celebrations tomorrow, which celebrates 75 years since the end of World War II.

We hope you’ve enjoyed finding out about this important time in history.

There won’t be a blog tomorrow, as it is a bank holiday, so make sure you enjoy lots of lovely times with your family, and we’ll start again on Monday!


Marvellous Moles Home Learning Tasks:



Today we are going to play the Symbol Search game again. Remind your grown-up how we play it.



Draw a grid and write in different letters of the alphabet to the ones you have covered during the previous weeks. You could also add the sounds ll, ss, and ff, the children know that these sounds usually come at the end of words and that they are two letters but they only make one sound. So, if you were reading the word s-t-a-ff you would only need to say the ‘ff’ once. Ask your child to find a letter, write it in the air using their hands then trace over the top on the grid as they say the sound. How many did you know?


As an extension activity you could think of some words which begin or end with the sounds in your grid, how many can you think of?


Collective Worship


Our Collective Worship value for today is LEARN.

Think about all that you have learned this week. It is very important that we learn from history.

There is a famous quote from the poet and novelist George Santayana which says, “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.”

This helps to remind us, that we must remember things that have previously happened and ensure that we do not let the bad things happened again. Remembering VE Day every year helps with this.

What piece of information have you learnt this week about WWII and VE Day, has surprised you the most?

As part of the VE Day celebrations this year, many people were due to hold lots of street parties and other celebrations, these are now unable to happen. However, you could still have your own mini party in your own back garden or house. This will help you remember and celebrate all you have learnt about VE Day – you could do this tomorrow on the 75th Anniversary of VE Day.

VE Day 2020 | Nene Valley Railway Ltd



PSED - Personal, Social, Emotional Development

Thinking of all the activities that we’ve done this week, can you tell your grown-up about one (or more) that you felt you were good at? Were there any activities that you didn’t like so much, or found tricky?  Can you explain why that was?  Grown-ups, it might help here if you can share your thoughts and feelings about the things you’ve done together too!


PD - Physical Development

Skipping was a popular game for children long ago, as it still is today.  Hands up – Who can skip?  It can be a bit tricky to get started, but once you get the hang of it, it’s lots of fun and really good for keeping fit!

If you have a skipping rope, go and get it.  If not, see if there is anything else you can use instead, it just needs to be long and thin!

 Here is a link for some old-fashioned skipping rhymes.  You could also just practise jumping over the rope as it wiggles on the floor if you have enough people for one at each end.



CL - Communication and Language

Choose your favourite skipping rhyme and try to learn the words by heart.  If you don’t fancy that, how about some clapping games instead?



L - Literacy

With the VE celebrations due to happen tomorrow, we should write an invitation!

Unfortunately, we can’t do this for real at the moment, but it will be good practise for when we are able to see our friends and families again.


Remember, when you are writing an invitation you need to include…

  • the name of the person you are inviting
  • the date and time of your party
  • the location of the party – where is it?
  • Don’t forget to write who the invitation is from (that’s you!)




This link is for a blank template, should you wish to use it.


M - Mathematical Development

We’ve chosen a game for you to play today, to see if you can remember how numbers 11-15 work – count the ten and then count the ones to see which number ball you need to throw in the hoop.  There might be some slightly higher numbers to try too – remember, they work the same way!





After you’ve enjoyed lunch today, why not go outside and have a game of hopscotch!


UTW- Understanding the World

This afternoon we thought you might like to bake some cakes for the VE celebrations tomorrow.

Try this recipe, or one of your own!





Remember to wash your hands before you start and clean up carefully afterwards. Make sure your grown-ups put them into the oven and get them out when they are ready – they will be HOT!

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