Marvellous Moles Home Learning Tuesday 16th June 2020

Date: 15th Jun 2020 @ 7:38pm

Tuesday 16th June 2020

Hello again Moles!  Did you enjoy the story from yesterday? I bet it made lots of you and your families laugh. Have a go at as many of the activities you have time for and remember to email us to let us know how you are getting on.


Marvellous Moles Home Learning Tasks:



Today we are going to see if you can remember one of the special sounds we have already learnt. Can you spot it and remember which two letters make it as you have a go at writing the following dictated sentence?

Make sure that you say the sounds, write the words.


Chad felt a chill from the wind.  


Remember to have a look at your flash cards for our sight words from the previous day they are there, their and these. Talk about why we have two different ways of writing there.



Collective Worship


Today we are going to continue to think a little more about our brains, but first here are the answers to our brain quiz from yesterday.

  • Which fruit is a brain roughly the same size as? A melon
  • What does the brain have billions of?  Neurons
  • How many different lobes does a brain have? 4
  • Which two types of memory does your brain have? Long term and short term

Our brains are amazing and without them, we would not be able to do all of the fantastic things we do. We would not be able to walk, talk, hear, smell or even breathe without it. The video in the link below shows us a little more about the parts of our brain, how it works and what it helps us to do. You could always make your own after watching it, think carefully about what thoughts and feelings you might add to yours.

Video for how brain works for children





M - Mathematical Development

We are going to carry on thinking about odd and even numbers today. In school we often use something called Numicon to help us with our learning. Today we will be using it to think about odds and evens. You can either draw your own Numicon or print some using the link below. Sort the pieces into two groups, odds and evens. What do you notice about the shape of the pieces? Is there a pattern?





Class memory activity


Today we would like you to use your brains to think back to all of the lovely experiences we have shared together as Marvellous Moles. It makes us feel sad to think that our time together is coming to an end but also makes us feel so happy that we have so many lovely memories that will stay with us forever. We would like you to talk to your grown-up about your most special memory from being a Marvellous Mole. Draw a picture of your memory and write a sentence to tell us what is happening in your picture. Remember to please email a picture to us so we can add it to our gallery in school.

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