Marvellous Moles Home Learning Tuesday 19th May 2020

Date: 18th May 2020 @ 7:16pm

Tuesday 19th May 2020

Hello again Moles!  We hope you enjoyed yesterday’s activities, how did your castles turn out? Don’t forget to send us a picture.

Here are some more ideas to keep you busy.

 Remember, don’t worry if you don’t get chance to do them all choose the ones which best fit in with your daily routine.


Marvellous Moles Home Learning Tasks:



In phonics we have been using our knowledge and skills to read sentences.

Read the following sentence and then answer the question below.


The big chimp sat on the bench.

Ask your child the following question to check their understanding:


Where did the chimp sit?


Collective Worship


Our collective worship value for today is LEARN.

This week’s story is ‘Jonah and the Whale’.  Re-watch or re-read it if you would like to. What do you think Jonah learned at the end of the story, after he had been to Nineveh and the people there had listened to him and changed their ways?



PSED - Personal, Social, Emotional Development

In our story this week Jack climbs the beanstalk and goes into the giant’s castle. When he is there he takes some things which don’t belong to him. Did Jack do the right thing? How would you feel if someone took something that belonged to you? Who is the baddie in this story, the giant, Jack or both?


See the source image




PD - Physical Development

 Miss Thurston is keeping us super fit again this week. Today she has a new challenge for us. How many speed bounces can you complete in 20 seconds? Use a rolled-up towel to create a line to bounce over side to side. Remember to jump with both feet together.

Image result for speed bounce


CL - Communication and Language

As you read or watch this week’s story and you become more familiar with the words try to join in with the repeating words that the giant says each time Jack visits the castle. Can you make your voice sound deep and loud like a giant’s too? (Don’t scare your grown-ups too much!)

See the source image


L - Literacy

Remind yourself of our story of the week ‘Jack and the beanstalk’ by either reading it or watching it again. (The link is on yesterday’s blog.)

Now have a think about what the giant looks like, what he sounds like or what he might smell like!! Today we would like you to draw the giant and write some exciting describing words (adjectives) to tell us what he is like.



M - Mathematical Development

To warm your brains up play the ‘You count, I count’ game, you learnt a little while ago, if you are getting really good try counting back from 20 or go as high as you can.

Today we would like you to play a little game in which you will be doing some estimating. This means looking at an amount of objects and having a sensible guess how many you can see, then counting to check to see if you were right.

Take a handful of objects, no more than 20 and estimate how many you think there might be, remember not to count yet, you are just trying to have a good guess. Now check to see if you were right!





At home one of my children’s favourite exercises each day has been to join in with the just dance videos. They love doing the different moves and making up their own too. Today we have given you the link to one of their favourite routines, have a go to see how you get on!

(I love joining in too!)


UW – Understanding the World.

In our story Jack threw the magic beans and they grew into a fantastic beanstalk which reached right up into the sky. Today we would like you to do some planting and investigate what a plant needs to grow. You will need:

  • A plant pot
  • Some compost
  • A seed to plant
  • A small amount of water

It doesn’t matter what type of seed you plant, it is more important that you look after it and find out what it needs to grow well. Please send us a picture to show us how you are getting on!

Image result for Children Planting Seeds

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