Marvellous Moles Home Learning Tuesday 9th June 2020

Date: 8th Jun 2020 @ 8:02pm

Tuesday 9th June 2020

Hello again Moles!  How did your Rainbow Fish sun catchers go yesterday? Are your legs tired from all that dancing? Have a go at as many of the activities you have time for and remember to email us to let us know how you are getting on.


Marvellous Moles Home Learning Tasks:



We will be continuing with the ‘wh’ sound today.

In phonics we have been using our knowledge and skills to read sentences.

Read the following sentence and then answer the question below.


When will I win?


Ask your child if they know what the special punctuation at the end of the sentence is. Why have we used this rather than a full stop?


Now have a go at writing the following dictated sentence, remember to say the sounds, write the words.


When can I whisk the egg?


Collective Worship

Our Collective Worship value for today is LEARN.

Sometimes in life we forget to spend time listening. Stop now and just listen, find 5 things you can hear in the background that you so often forget are there.

Listen to the story of Samuel listening to God.


Samuel listened and learnt and good things happen to him. It is important we all take time to listen and learn.

Library of listening jpg black and white library free png files ...

Play a game of Simon Says with someone at home and just practice your listening. After you have spent time listening swap over and ask the other person to listen to you. 





PSED - Personal, Social, Emotional Development

 Today we would like you to pretend to be the main character from our story, the Rainbow Fish. Ask a grown-up if they can pretend to be an interviewer like we sometimes see on the TV. You will need to be ready to answer the questions!

  1. Why wouldn’t you share your scales?
  2. Why do you think you are the most beautiful fish in the sea?
  3. Why are your scales so important to you?
  4. How did you feel when you went to visit the octopus in the cave?
  5. How did you feel when you gave your first scale away?




PD - Physical Development

Today for your physical activity we are going to send you under the sea for some yoga! Use the link below to join in with the underwater party.


Image result for under water party yoga




CL - Communication and Language


Today we would like you to play the ‘Who am I?’ game with someone in your house. Take it in turns to think of a sea creature and give clues to who you might be. Here’s one to get you started…


I have a shell

I have claws

I walk sideways

Who am I?

You could always write your clues in your home learning books for us to guess when we are back in school together.


L - Literacy

Today for literacy we would like you to draw a picture of the rainbow fish and write some words to describe (adjectives) the way he looks and how he behaves in the story all around him. Here are a few to help you, he is sparkly, shimmering, shiny, selfish, mean and proud. How many more can you think of? Record it in your home learning books.





M - Mathematical Development

We are going to continue learning more about halving today. We would like you to set up a teddy bears picnic for two bears and share some food between them. Remember to carefully count how many you have to start with them make sure both bears have the same amount at the end so that it is fair. Have fun!





 Today we would like you to do some measuring using your footsteps. Choose a place to start, it could be at one end of your garden, try to estimate (guess) how many steps it will take you to get to the other end. Now try it and see! Did you guess right? Now find some other distances to measure. Ask a grown-up to try too, did it take them the same amount of steps? If not, why not?


Image result for footsteps


UTW– Understanding the World


During our previous topics we have asked you to make a fact file. This means using a book or the internet to find out some interesting information about something then writing it down for others to read. We had some fantastic ones about pigs when we were learning about the Three Little Pigs. We would like you to have another go at this today, but this time choose a sea creature to learn and write about. See if you can find some really interesting facts that we don’t already know, there will be a spot prize when we are back in school for the most interesting fact!


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