Marvellous Moles Home Learning Wednesday 10th June 2020l

Date: 9th Jun 2020 @ 7:33pm

Marvellous Moles Home Learning Tasks:



Today we will be carrying on with the ‘wh’ sound.

In school we often write a dictated sentence. We would like you to have a go at this today. Before you start think about: - where you will need to start writing on the paper; what sort of letter you will need to use to start your sentence; what you will need to leave in-between your words and; what you will need to use, to show that your sentence is finished.

Read the following sentence slowly and clearly to your child so that they can hear all of the sounds.


Which is Will’s whip?


Collective Worship

Our Collective Worship value for today is RESPECT.

Today our story is called “The woman who touched Jesus.” You can watch it by clicking on the link

In the story the woman has been poorly for many years but she still respects Jesus and believes he can heal her. In the end Jesus explains that it was not him, but her respect and trust that healed her.

Respect is such an important value to have – can you talk about the different people who you respect? Can you talk about why you respect them? Can you then think of a list of people who respect you? Why do you think they respect you?




PSED - Personal, Social, Emotional Development

At the start of our story the Rainbow Fish didn’t want to give his scales away, in fact he was a little bit rude! What made him change his mind? Once he started to give them away he felt something he had never experienced before, what was it? How do you feel when you share with others and make people happy?

You could always look at the story - 

‘Have You Filled a Bucket Today’ - we talk about bucket filling and dipping lots in school, can you remember what you need to do for each one?

Image result for biucket filling



PD - Physical Development

Try our 5 on, 5 off challenge. Read for 5 minutes or 5 pages and then exercise for 5 minutes! You will be exercising your body and your brain today.



CL - Communication and Language

Think about our story of the week, the Rainbow Fish. Do you have a favourite part in the story? Tell a grown-up which part it was. Remember to use that special word ‘because’ and give lots of reasons for your choice. Record it in your home learning books.



L - Literacy


Today in literacy we would like you to choose some sea creatures to draw and label. Remember as you write the words slowly say them and write the sounds you can hear. If you hear a sound we haven’t learnt to write yet it is fine to ask a grown-up for some help.



M - Mathematical Development

We have used tens frames lots of times to help us with our maths now, and you will need two for our activity today. Find some small objects which will fit into the squares of your tens frames. Now carefully share out the objects between the two frames to half them. Do they both look the same?

(It is really important that the children know that depending on where they have placed their objects the frames may look different, however it is still the same amount)

Image result for tens frames

Share 10 counters between the frames, how many are in each? This is half.   




In school the children’s favourite Zumba dance is definitely the Minions dance. I am becoming quite an expert at it! Choose your favourite Zumba routine and have a go this lunch time. I will add the link for the Minions routine, in case you want to practise to get as good as me!



EAD – Expressive Arts and Design


We are going to continue to be creative today and use some different resources to make a rainbow fish. You will need;

  • Some paper (or your home learning books)
  • Some wax crayons or a candle
  • A paint brush
  • Some paints
  1. Using either your wax crayons or a candle draw the outline of the rainbow fish and add the shapes for his scales.
  2. Now using your paintbrush paint carefully over the top of your drawing.
  3. What do you notice? (the paint won’t stick where the wax is)
  4. Continue with lots of different colours to complete your rainbow fish.

If you are feeling really creative you could add lots of other sea creatures too!