Marvellous Moles Home Learning Wednesday 6th May

Date: 5th May 2020 @ 8:01pm

Wednesday 6th May 2020

Good morning Marvellous Moles!  How is your week going so far?  Are you enjoying learning about VE day?  It’s hard to imagine something that happened such a long time ago. My Nanny, who is 94, remembers it well.  When I was a little girl she used to tell me all sorts of things about life during World War II, and she still has her old ration books!


Marvellous Moles Home Learning Tasks:



Today we are going to practise writing a dictated sentence. For this the teacher slowly reads out a sentence one word at a time as the children have a go at recording it. Have a go at this today at home and record it in your books.

The sentence is:


Pat had a pink dress.


Remember what happens to the ‘s’ sound at the end of the word! And don’t forget your capital letter, finger spaces and full stop!



Collective Worship

Our Collective Worship value for today is RESPECT.

As part of the VE Day celebration, it was important to everyone that they showed respect to the soldiers who fought in the war, many of whom lost their lives. One such way of honouring and showing respect to soldiers was to award them with different medals for their bravery. Below is a medal that was given to soldiers after WWI.  Can you design a medal that could have been given to show respect to the soldiers who fought in WWII?



Victory Medal (South Africa) - Wikipedia



PSED - Personal, Social, Emotional Development

How do you think you would have felt to be at a VE day celebration?



PD - Physical Development

Years ago, children didn’t have all the different toys you have these days, but they did play lots of games like we still do!

Today we’d like you have a go at playing hopscotch.  All you need is some chalk to mark the grid on the ground and a pebble – it’s really good fun!

Watch this video if you are not sure how to play!




CL - Communication and Language


What have you learnt about VE day so far?  Can you tell your grown-up some facts about it?


L - Literacy

For literacy today we’d like you to write a list.

To celebrate VE day the People of Great Britain had street parties, where all the neighbours came together to eat, sing and dance in the street!

They worked together to provide the food for the parties, as rationing was still in place and they couldn’t just go to the shops to buy lots of party food, like we would!

Can you think of what food they might have eaten at their street parties?

Write a list of your ideas in your book – you could draw pictures of the foods too if you like!

In a list, the words go underneath each other, instead of in a line like when you write a sentence.

Remember to think of the word, then say the sounds and write the word.



M - Mathematical Development


Today for your maths activity we would like you make number cards 0-15 and have a go at ordering them. How quickly can you do it? Can you do it backwards? For extra challenge can you spot any patterns e.g. the numbers are repeating themselves again e.g. 11, 12, 13, 14, 15.




A boot camp activity from Miss Thurston to keep you active this lunch time!

Complete this boot camp set of activities

Don’t forget you can send in pictures of you exercising to: