Marvelous Moles Home Learning Tuesday 12th May 2020

Date: 11th May 2020 @ 9:06pm

Tuesday 12th May 2020

Hello again Moles!  We hope you enjoyed yesterday’s activities, did you manage to make your Goldilocks and the Three Bears creations? How many times did you manage to hit the ball without dropping it?

Here are some more ideas to keep you busy.

 Remember, don’t worry if you don’t get a chance to do them all choose the ones which best fit in with your daily routine.


Marvellous Moles Home Learning Tasks



Today we are going to practise writing a dictated sentence with one of our ‘sh’ words in it. For this the teacher slowly reads out a sentence one word at a time as the children have a go at recording it. Have a go at this today at home and record it in your books.

The sentence is:

The tin is on top of the shelf.


Collective Worship

Our Collective Worship value for today is ASPIRE.

Before you start our collective worship activity for the day can you see if you can remember the song we sing at the start of collective worship each day in school? We usually sing it as we put the special cloth onto our table. Teach the song to someone in your family.

Yesterday we started to learn about the story of ‘The lost sheep’. In the story the shepherd showed great care and love for his sheep, just as God does for us. Can you think of how we can do this for those around us? How can we aspire to show our family and friends we care for them just like in the story?


PSED - Personal, Social, Emotional Development

Today we would like you to pretend that you are Goldilocks. Think about how she might have felt at different parts of the story. Think about how she might have felt when she first found the bear’s cottage? When she broke baby bear's chair and when the three bears came home and found her! What might she say at these different parts of the story?

Can you act it out?

Image result for acting clip art


PD - Physical Development

Miss Thurston is continuing to keep us very busy this week! Have a go at her challenge for today.

You will find lots more fun challenges like this on the following link.


CL - Communication and Language

Thinking about our story of the week, we would like you to think of some questions you would like to find the answers to. Remember questions often start with the words who, what, why and when.

Who lived in the cottage?

What did Goldilocks eat in the cottage?

Why did the bears chase Goldilocks?

Grown-ups you might need to help with this to start with, as children often want to tell you what they already know and find it hard to ask questions.

Image result for question mark


L - Literacy

Today we would like you to have a go at writing some simple instructions!   In our story Goldilocks ate the Three Bears’ porridge. Can you make some porridge with your grown-up and write instructions for what you did?  Remember instructions are usually numbered so we know which order to do them in and they are usually quite short, so that they can be easily followed. Don’t forget to tell us if you put anything in your porridge, my favourite is golden syrup!


M - Mathematical Development

How did you get on with the counting to 20 song yesterday? Did you manage to say all the numbers and do all the actions in time to the music?

Today we would like you to play one of our favourite games, Bingo!

Have a go at making some bingo cards with numbers to 20 then find some family members to play. One can be the number caller and the rest can play with the cards.

Follow the link below if you would prefer to print a bingo game, just add your own numbers to 20.



From speaking to lots of your grown-ups on the phone, I found out that lots of you have been really enjoying the Zumba and Cosmic Kid’s yoga activities. Today after lunch choose your favourite one and have another go. Don’t forget to ask you grown-ups to join in.

Image result for Zumba Kids Logo Image result for cosmic kids yoga logo


UW – Understanding the World.

For literacy today we asked you to make some porridge. Now we would like you to find out where the ingredients come from. How do we get oats? Where would we go to get some milk? If you have added a topping where does that come from? You could do this with other foods too, it may surprise you where some of the foods we eat every day come from. Your grown-ups could help you google the answers or look in a book if you aren’t sure.

See the source image

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