Marvellous Moles Home Learning Tuesday 31st March 2020

Date: 30th Mar 2020 @ 5:54pm

Tuesday 31st March 2020

Good Morning Marvellous Moles, remember to wrap up warm and try to get some fresh air in your garden today, we know how much you love being outside at school.


Marvellous Moles Home Learning Tasks:



In phonics we often play a game called ‘symbol search’ have a go at teaching your grown-ups how to play today.

Draw a grid and write in any letters of the alphabet, we have covered them all in school, ask your child to find a letter, write it in the air using their hands then trace over the top on the grid as they say the sound. How many did you know? I’m sure your child will be an expert and show you what to do!


Collective Worship

Our collective worship value for today is SERVE.  Can you do something to serve someone in your house today?  e.g. hoover, wash the pots, load the washing machine. Tell your grown-up the ways you serve in school e.g. taking the register to the office and tidying our classroom.



PSED-Personal, Social, Emotional Development

Can you do 5 good deeds today? 

  You could make your bed, help weed the garden, or make a nice card to cheer someone up!

Make a chart with 5 spaces can you get a star in each one for the 5 good deeds you do? Put your chart in your book and let us know how you helped.


PD-Physical Development

Cosmic Kids Yoga - We’re going on a Bear Hunt

We have read the story recently in school, now try to add the yoga moves!



CL- Communication and Language

As you are playing today try to take on a new role in the game. You could be the mechanic at a garage, a superhero on a mission or princess in a palace. What might these different characters say and do?



Read a story you have at home but stop before you get to the end. What might happen next? Can you think of lots of different ways the story might end? Read the end to check if you were right! Draw a picture of your new story ending in your book.


M-Mathematical Development

3D Shapes – Play a game of I spy, describing the shape of a 3D object. e.g. a ball – I spy with my little eye something that is round, a dice-something that is a cube etc.



As you eat your lunch today look at the different food you have.

Talk about where the different foods on your plate come from.

E.g. eggs come from chickens, milk comes from cows etc.



EAD-Expressive Arts and Design

Sing ‘The Farmer’s in his Den.’  Draw the different characters in the song, or make them out of playdough.

BBC Radio has lots of lovely familiar songs which the children enjoy joining in with also.


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